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What to do with rudy "shooting star" gay

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    ^with the way Gay is acting...I don't see how he deserves any different. I'm tired of supporting players who come to TO and play like they just don't care. I want to cheer for a team that is in perennial playoff talks, and if that means that we need to boo every shitty player out of town then I say we boo every shitty player out of town




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      This though!


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        The best option other than trade is to sit him all game until the 4th quarter. Let's play team ball for the first 3 quarters & hopefully have the lead & let the closer close it out.
        “I don’t create controversies. They’re there long before I open my mouth. I just bring them to your attention.”

        -- Charles Barkley


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          thead wrote: View Post
          no way he picks up 19.1 million dollar option to be booed incessantly for 60 some odd games.
          Really? You would turn that down because of some boos? They could chuck debris at me all game and I'm still picking up that option.
          There's math, and everything else is debatable.



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            Looool just noticed raptors haven't won since gay banned box score sheets. Thoughts?

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              ibleedpurple wrote: View Post

              A pretty good article on a possible interim solution on how to deal with the darkest black hole the NBA has seen in over 50 years. Even a casual basketball fan with little knowledge of the game just needs to spend five minutes watching Rudy play to realize that he makes poor decisions with every breath he takes on the court. I can't wait to see what MU does with this joker.

              On a completely separate note I want Lionel Hollins to coach the Raptors. MU needs to make it happen. I hate watching this damn team play as its presently assembled.
              I like everything you just said.