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Raptors Do Not Care About League-Wide Respect

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  • Raptors Do Not Care About League-Wide Respect

    Well, if the players don't care, then why do the fans care so much about this phenomena know as "respect"?

    The players, though, remain unaffected.

    "I don't care. I don't think any of us care," swingman Antoine Wright said. "We don't need to be talked about. We want to get better as a team and win as many games as possible, under the radar, so to speak."

    "I don't know what it takes," Raptors coach Jay Triano added. "Maybe it takes making a stronger run. Maybe it takes doing well in the playoffs. I'm not sure. I think people are starting to slowly see us as the season goes and realize that we're playing pretty well."

    Wright had another theory.

    "We're in Canada," Wright said. "The media has to come through customs over here to do stories on us. I don't think they like to do that."
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    LOL, what is Wright implying? What are these writers fearful of? Cavity searches? I know Peter Vecsey would have trouble getting his psychedelic drug across the border but no one cares about him anyway.


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      I Dont believe the players! Everbody wants the respect & noteriety. Lebron who plays on National T.V atleast once a week complained about his team not getting respect. Carmelo recently said the same thing. The Raptors have no reason to complain. You will get respect and coverage when you do something like "win in the playoffs".


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        Exactly. Respect will come once they're in the playoffs again, but Wright is just brushing it off in a positive way by saying he doesn't care. Which actually isn't a bad thing considering Raptors fans apparently whine most of the time about not getting enough respect :P


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          The Pistons never got respect from the Bad Boys on through the Billups era. Pistons fans bitched and moaned about it a lot, on and off.

          Its a media thing. Right now in the sports world, ESPN is the king and emperor of sports media. They control the sports news. If they choose to make it news then it becomes news, if not than not.

          The rest of the national sports media pretty much follows ESPN's lead.

          So the question becomes. Why has ESPN chosen not to give respect to the Raptors?

          Think about who ESPN promotes in the NBA, team wise and player wise.

          CB4 doesn't get much if any hype from ESPN, however should he leave, which I doubt, I think that if he signed with say the Heat then ESPN would start to hype CB4.

          So it seems to me, it is because ESPN has no interest in hyping the Raptors.

          Maybe because they don't consider them a serious playoff contender to advance beyond the first round.

          I really don't know.
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