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Gay, Acy & Gray to SAC for Vasquez, Patterson, Hayes & Salmons (Augustin waived)

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  • rocwell wrote: View Post
    Gray is on the way to double-double off the bench
    What the hell?! I thought you were joking! Haha

    Both him and Rudy are having great games.
    Though, once again, I'll take Demars line over Rudy's.

    And I also think many of you will remember Rudy's debut with us last year as well ... he tends to come in spectacular fashion, to get your hopes up.
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      7 years of Calderon. Now 7 years of Vasquez?


      • Blacklash2k4 wrote: View Post

        7 years of Calderon. Now 7 years of Vasquez?
        Lol, PG Controversy Part 2?
        OG is our king


        • No the problem with Calderon (i love him to death) was that he was used to being the starter and as much as he accepted going to the bench he ended up being better than the starter and it just made things weird. Vasquez is a great backup pg but do you want him vs CP3 Westbrook etc prob not. But he is ideal backup and can do so many things to make a team better. He says he wants to be here no matter where he is when he plays etc. We need that again he is deff next similar calderon.


          • Just had to get my two cents in. Let him go. We'll be fine. Ujiri said it just didn't work out. Clean break, thanks for the memories. Well ....thanks for playing hard. There aren't any real memories that we can really talk about, but that is neither here nor there now.

            This was from my last post, where the Raptors lost a 27 (Twenty Seven) point lead to Golden State. A game I attended. Live and in living color.

            "Really disapponted in Rudy Gay. No leadership. No come on guys. No responsibility for allowing Curry to play make off of him twice. I understand he's smaller, but you have no reason to be out on the wing anyway. He should have been in the key boxing out Lee and Oneal so Amir or Tyler could get the board. He took way to long to make a move. Always dribbling with no one to pass to. He just sulked and whined like a hoe. Wouldn't talk to anyone. Just rolling his eyes and acting like it was everyone else's fault."

            And that is it in a nutshell for me. Just glad it didn't take Ujiri as long as it takes BC to figure things out. Raptors are now 3-1 without him. Those 3 wins are great. Team is better on defense, moving the ball and competing. It is still early but I would rather win and lose like this, then to see the most talented player on the team acting like his teammates are beneath him. Rudy Gay is NOT that good.


            • rudy gay has never been more efficient in his first couple of games with the kings. sustainable? doubtful but oh well.

              with demarcus and rudy, theres nothing like gay cousins to get a rise out of people in the SAC.
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              • great picture of Gay on ESPN nba page
                Heh, if he is in the D-league still in a few years I will be surprised.
                He's terrible."

                -Superjudge, 7/23

                Hope you're wrong.


                • I think, but I can't be sure, that this guy like Patterson:



                  • Jesus

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                    • Quirk wrote: View Post
                      I think, but I can't be sure, that this guy like Patterson:


                      Oh man. Just.....oh man!