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Will the Raptors make the playoffs, end up in no-man's land, or get a top pick?

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    They need to trade Lowry, Tyler and this team won't win anything. Our bench is so bad. They will lose us plenty of games.
    Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


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      Just a reminder to everyone, it seems a lot of people are taking no mans land as in making the playoffs.

      No mans Land is making the 8th seed with a team that has no flexibility or trade assets in surplus.
      Raptors could still aim to make the 8th seed with a flexible roster loaded with Young guys, just need to get rid of lowry or extend him to a cheap deal.


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        I'm totally with you. Seeing how this team has played the last to games without Gay is really promising. With no ball stoppers the offence flows. We've scored 100+ in back to back games. I don't if we've done that all year. I know defence was none existence last night but, we were playing the Spurs. The lack of bench made us lose all momentum going into that 2Q. With the reinforcements coming in our bench should be a lot better!

        Vasquez, runner up to MIP award last year. In 18 games with Kings his average 9.8 Pts 5.3 Ast 1.9 Rebs .433 FG .320 3FG 14.51 PER in 25.5 mins. His been recovering from his ankle surgery so he has really been in form yet.

        Patterson was having a breakout season last year with the Rockets. In 47 games he averaged 11.6 Pts 4.7 Rebs 1.1 Ast .519 FG .365 3FG in 25.9 mins. He got traded I believe at trade deadline for Thomas Robinson. Went on to keep playing averaged 8.0 Pts 4.8Rebs 1.3Ast .494 FG .444 3FG In 23.0 minutes. Just in car you guys forget how good he was last year. Here's a reminder

        These two and the return of Hanbrough upgrades our bench exceptionally!

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          TRex wrote: View Post
          If they dont want to end up in no man's land. Then they need to trade Amir, Lowry and DD.
          I think even just Amir at this point. He's really the closest thing to a defensive anchor/leader we have. He's not always the best defensive player on the court, but he is most of the time, and he's the most consistent and reliable. Take him out and see how much chaos ensues for the rest of the year. Tyler's ok, but he's not as versatile or impactful there. And Patterson is pretty bad. Jonas is still making too many young mistakes to be an anchor. Teams will be scoring on us at will.

          And well, like most, I think it makes no sense to hang onto Lowry because he's not likely to stay, especially at a decent price, and is not that great a PG. Maybe above average, but at arguably the deepest position in the league where there are many players better than him or in the same tier. Time to move on and make the most of him as an asset.


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            charlesnba23 wrote: View Post

            In the East, that's definitely a playoff team. Let's go all in to make the playoffs. I say don't make any other moves, at least until february. Then let's see where's the team at.

            I know that Lowry would probably go for nothing in the summer. But I think they should try to build that winning culture, Right NOW. DeMar's getting TIRED to lose, probably like a lot of players on the team. Even if we make the playoffs, their will still be a whole lot of good players late in this draft's first round.

            Then if we are winning, I don't see why Lowry would not re-sign.

            Next year we could go with pretty much the same team, but 2 rookies taking the place of Salmons and Daye. Then comes 2015.

            Yes, that's a debate, I wanna know your opinion. I'm not 100% against tanking anymore. But I just think that with that group, we could make a lot more noise in the East than we think. A lot more than before last Sunday night's trade.
            I like how you do the GM job.. and the coach's job with your starting 5, bench players and the rotations LOL you do that almost in every one of your posts.. quite fascinating

            but yea... Nope it wont be good enough to make it to the playoffs. Detroit, Washington, Atlanta, Cleveland and even Boston... they have better talent or better system than the Raps.. and Add NY and BKLYN to the mix and you've got quite the competition towards the playoffs cuz NY and BKLYN wont give up on trying to win games till the last game since they got no Draft picks... only possible tank team is BOSTON