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Bosh's Interview with Jim Rome Today

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  • Bosh's Interview with Jim Rome Today

    Seeing how I missed it, this is courtesy of Rhettmatic from the RealGM.

    Pretty boring interview.

    What made this off-sesaon critical?
    - Winning gold medal inspired me. Last season, I felt I came up short. Wanted to work as hard as possible, wasn't reaching maximum potential. Had to take a humble approach to see how he could get better. Consistency has been a weakness of mine, just want to prolong success.

    Can these numbers hold up? Does he expect to sustain this start?
    - That's the plan. I'm taking every good approach I can, I want to pay attention to detail, stay aggressive, continue to get to the line, stay inside. Wanted to get more in the post, get in the paint a lot more. Get to the FT line a lot more.

    How much more confident is he?
    - A lot more confident. Bigger, stronger, can actually feel results of weightlifting when playing. He could tell before that big guys had the advantage. Now he feels like he's on an even playing field.

    Where did he lift weights?
    - Dallas. It was a Rocky environment. Nice, but not state of the art.

    How much of this is about contract year?
    - Yeah, it has something to do with everything. I thas something to do with him feeling better about himself as a player and trying to reach potential. And trying to show he's one of the best forwards in the NBA. If it doesn't start with me, nobody else is really going to believe it. Wants to have confidence in himself, teammates show confidence in him, wants to prove night in night out that he's one of the best.

    How would you characterize 7 years in Toronto?
    - It's been good. It's like any other place, it's had its ups and downs. Course, it's cold. But basketball-wise, it's been good. We've had some good times. Sometimse you think that people don't know sports, and it's a hockey twon, but they really like basketball. The crowd is good, they have a support, they've really embraced me there. It's been good times there.

    What are you looking for next year?
    - It's just important for me to win and be happy. If you're happy, you can work your best. I want to win a championship. That's what every player in this league wants, especially good players. that's what it's about for me. I want the chance to win a lot of basketball games and hopefully hold a few trophies.
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