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Roy: Miller Was the Right Choice Over Hedo

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  • Roy: Miller Was the Right Choice Over Hedo

    I'd have to say Brandon it right on the button with that assessment. Andre's been the perfect fit in Portland. Still waiting for that fit for Hedo here in Toronto.

    Looks like the Trail Blazers signed the right free agent this summer after all.

    Nearly eight months after Hedo Turkoglu went back on his word and spurned the Trail Blazers' free agent offer in order to sign a similar deal with Toronto, the Blazers exacted a measure of revenge on Wednesday.

    And the player who led the Blazers to a 101-87 victory over Toronto was none other than Andre Miller, the player who was not Plan B, but Plan C on the Blazers' free agent wish list.

    Miller had 18 points, 10 assists, seven rebounds, three steals and no turnovers to trump Turkoglu's near-perfect night when he scored 24 points on 8-of-9 shooting.

    "Even though Andre may not have been the first choice, it has come down to him being the right choice," Blazers star Brandon Roy said. "The way he has been playing for us, he has been our most important guy because of how consistent he has been."

    Said Miller: "I guess it has worked out for everybody."
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    Hopefully Turk can get fired up about this and play consistently at a higher level. Or something.


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      Yeah, if we shoots 50% a night, it would put us at a great advantage. He needs to take more shots.


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        Adrian wrote: View Post
        Yeah, if we shoots 50% a night, it would put us at a great advantage. He needs to take more shots.
        I'm not sure that it's a matter of taking more shots-more of a matter of playing with greater intensity on a consistent basis.


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          Andre Miller hasn't been successful in Portland. He struggled when they were healthy and played well when they were short handed and was allowed to dominate the ball.

          Miller is still a major question mark on a healthy Blazers team. Particularly as a starter alongside Oden + Roy + Aldridge.


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            Do you really expect Roy to say that Hedo would be a better option for Blazers? LOL
            Last night it just happen that Raptors played bad, but Turk had a very good game. I am not a Turk fan, but I don't think Miller is better than Turk.