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Game Day: TOR vs CHA

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  • NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
    I doubt that. That was when he was like 17 right out of highschool. He's grown at least an inch since then and he looks taller than Hansbrough who's 6'9"
    Lol I don't get into arguments about Heights anymore. Mango and I did a loong time ago, and I learned my lesson.

    Amir isn't the only one who's grown since being drafted; Everyone is in the same boat more or less considering most men grow until they are 21. So I'll stick with what is listed since "probably" doesn't really hold much weight in a debate.


    • TRex wrote: View Post
      Ya, i really don't understand what's going on anymore. They kept saying this year is about development, growth of the young guys. Blah blah blah. How are the young guys going to learn if they dont play? and it's not like JV and Ross played bad. I thought JV held his own tonight. And Ross i thought played well whenever he's on the court.

      I thought after the Gay trade we're going to see more of JV and Ross. I was wrong. I have a feeling we're going to see more of Vazquez/Lowry backourt. And guess who's the odd man out? Ross.

      Heck, it wouldn't even surprise me if we see more Patterson over JV going forward.
      All the more reason to send Casey packing soon rather than waiting until end of the season.