First I want to stop this idea that I don't like JV. It's further from the truth. I love his potential. I'm just not the type to put any one player before the team.

Now to get to the meaning of this thread. About 8 years ago the raptors drafted a 7 footer with huge upside. His name was Andrea Bargnani. You might of hears of them. For his first couple of years he had coach named Sam Mitchell. You might of heard of him to. During their tenure together Sam was hard on Barney not letting him get away with anything. Barney was lost a lot of times on D. Him being a big that really leaves you with no help D. Sam Mitchell kept him accountable and that kept Andrea on the bench for 2 years. Than Sam was fired cause he wouldn't play Andrea even though he would make countless mistakes on D. The rest is pretty much history.

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