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  • Lottery Draft Question

    I have a question. Let's just say the raptors win the atlantic, they have the 4th seed in the playoffs but the 9th place team in the east, let's just say it happens to be chicago has a better record than the raptors. Which team gets more pingpong balls? Chicago or the Toronto?

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    The lotto is only for non playoff teams. Those 14 teams are ranked according to their regular season record, and ping pong balls distributed accordingly.

    In this scenario, the Raptors would not be part of the lottery and would get zero ping pong balls.
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      The rest of the picks are tied to record (minus the champs who pick 30th) so the Raps would pick first after the lottery. That would be the 15th pick.


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        The following will show you where a team's draft position will be:

        So at this point they will be drafting 16th, 36th and 59th.


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          I'd settle for the playoffs this year and one of the following moving forward: Jerami Grant, Willie Cauley Stein or Rodney Hood.