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Knicks@Raptors Game Day Thread: Will the Evil Empire strike back?

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  • lilmamba_ wrote: View Post
    man did i get a good sleep after a game like that
    great game guys
    that was pretty embarrassing on the knicks part
    2 back to back losses the same team after your coach acting cocky as fuck
    take a seat new york and embrace the division leaders
    Terrence got it going in the third fuck he had it going all night long
    man, was demar frustrated
    cant believe the ref actually maned up and walked over to the raps huddle
    Vazquez played a good 48 seconds of ball
    without lowry this team sucks
    amare almost killed it for us

    jr has a brother?

    Andrea kinda looks like Luca from masterchef #ItalianBrothas
    every time i saw jr he reminded me of rihanna even tho i've always wanted her to go out with rondo. dont ask me why I dont know either

    personally i like angry knick fans
    His Knick teammates seemed to avoid him on the bench. The body language of the whole bench was telling.


    • I don't know if this is true but I seen on twitter that Tyson chandler tried to choke JR smith in the locker room after the loss @ Toronto because Smith told him we lost cuz you got 2 fucking rebounds and your a 7 footer ahhahaah
      "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


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