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What Would the Current Raps look like Next Year?

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    KHD wrote: View Post
    Lowry takes a pay cut? As if. And why should he?
    Maybe if he was on a contender. Here? Never.
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      Most of the tankers think being anti tank means you think this current team can win the title and we shouldn't trade anything, false.

      Most anti-tankers think that tanking means you enjoy losing and want to trade everyone for scraps. False.

      Just mindless bickering tbh


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        man i wanna keep lowry ... at 8 million i would..... imagine if we started the year playing like that we would be a fiew game above
        500 for sure and its not la anybody is doing anything special its just basic team share the ball basket ball resiliency an toughness


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          Hypothetically, team would still be solid defensively, but not top 5. Offense would be middle of the pack with a pretty decent bench. Same as this year we should be a playoff team in the East. With so many teams in the East that are rebuilding, it just continues to house younger and younger players which gives the more experienced teams an advantage.


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            It's a hypothetical (IF) question but definitely answerable. As far as the starters are concerned, the only position where we could see a new face is at SF. I don't see why Lowry won't re-sign and a discount is not necessary.

            As far as the bench is concerned; Salmons,Vasquez and Patterson are probably going to be gone. Maybe the same with Hansborough. Other than the spot being taken by a Rookie (draft) or maybe two, the good news is that they'll have enough money to get some quality bench players. So the team will be much better than the existing one but the question is can they make the play offs again?

            Philadelphia is the only team that will be placed in a very good position. Much will depend on how they manage things. So other than Miami, Indiana, Chicago and MAYBE Philly, the rest of the positions can be anybodys.

            All said, this is if the HYPOTHETICAL takes place.
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              I think the same team next year would be in the 9-6 in terms of winning percentage. So probably make the playoffs, but almost definitely not have home court advantage (*even if you win your division and get a top 4 seed if the 5 seed has a better winning percentage they get home court) and unlikely to get out of the first round, and not capable of going the distance with either Miami or Indy.

              EDIT: Although I'm firmly in the camp that there will be significant changes so this exercise is pretty futile.
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