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    2kfeen wrote: View Post
    Essentially, we are too good to tank and not enough to take on Indiana, Heat.
    Are we just a 2nd round exit max this year, and a basement team next year?

    We are lucky this year that Chicago lost D-Rose, Brooklyn and NY are not up to expectations.
    We are not that good.
    Next year, we are looking at Indiana, Heat, rejuvenated Sixers (Noel, MCW, picks) and Chicago w. D-Rose back.

    We may play out of our minds this year, but that would guarantee just a mid 2014 pick and next year, we would be roughly 7th seed.

    Unless we struck gold through a trade (like Harden & Bledsoe trades), we are probably going to look like
    Andre Iguodala 76ers, a perennial 8th seed, .500 squad.

    I say we keep Derozan and JV and Ross and maybe Fields (hard to move him cause of his contract and injury status, but I like his attitude). The rest should be moved and maybe we can get some struggling young assets ready to break out.
    We are a second round exit this year, most likely.

    But who's to say JV doesn't improve along with Ross. We have some pretty good cap space, so then what?

    If we're talking ceiling, these players have a lot of room to grow.
    Heh, if he is in the D-league still in a few years I will be surprised.
    He's terrible."

    -Superjudge, 7/23

    Hope you're wrong.


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      I dont see Chicago getting back to the form they were in prior to Rose's first injury, with or without him next year. They need to move Boozer and Deng IMO, and maybe even Noah and start a rebuild. Shake things up, try and get a decent pick this upcoming draft, then likely have a poor season next year and then back to competing the year after with their picks, Rose, Butler and Gibson as their core.


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        As for the Raps, we are clearly the 4th best team in the East, and given Horford's injury, we could realistically get the 3rd seed. We should be able to pull out a 1st round victory, but we would likely lose to the Pacers or Heat in 5 or maybe 6 in the second round. The defense this team is playing right now makes us a dangerous opponent against any team. No team is looking forward to playing the Raps anymore.


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          Jamshid wrote: View Post
          This season :
          Without anymore trades:
          3rd in the east and all the way to game 6 or 7 in the 2nd round of the play offs.

          Trade to bring more talent while moving Novak, Filed, Hayes contracts:
          East Final and maybe NBA final.

          Next Season:
          With continues internal growth of the Big Val, Ross, DD, Amir and few small changes, we can even think NBA championship threat.

          Season after that:
          With our financial flexibility and our proven competitive record for 2 years, getting FA like Durant would be easy. So I say, NBA Championship ...
          Get me my star NOW


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            This team is being built like mu nuggets. (No stars, bunch if guys buying in...) But the style of play is on opposite side of spectrum. Nuggets were fast pace team. Raptors trying to emulate Indiana with traditional bigs, development, etc.

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