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    Matt52 wrote: View Post
    p00ka thinks the ignore list is about conversing with like minded people.

    Sadly he doesn't understand that it is about not conversing with or wasting time reading ignorant, abrasive, confrontational, childish, and/or intolerant people who provide little joy, enlightenment, or ingenuity to the discussion.

    By the way, you need more lube..... thanks.
    lmao, way to full of himself. No pal, in your case the ignore wall is you being cowardly. Bullies are like that when someone stands up to them. Has always been that way.


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      iblastoff wrote: View Post
      i'm not talking about anti-tankers or protankers. i am specifically talking about that ONE person and things they have specifically said themselves.

      i get along with most pro-tankers and anti-tankers on this site just fine, unlike you.
      I'm not here to "get along". I have plenty of friends in the real world. I came here to discuss the Raptors and the NBA. But just like a basketball team needs role players, so does this RR team. My role has been defined by identifying a missing piece: a thorn in the side of jackasses. You don't like it? You can't handle the heat? Go join your buddy behind the coward wall, or stop whining about how I don't get along.


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        Is thread about something or can I close it now? I was gonna moderate it but closing it seems easier
        For still frame photograph of me reading the DeRozan thread please refer to my avatar