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Greivis Vasquez adding a lot of stability to the Raptors backcourt

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    Vasquez still has tons of room to improve. Hopefully the improvement happens. His passing hasn't been consistent and invariably he makes goofy turnovers trying to force a pass though three defenders. And he is too ready to shoot. And he dribbles passively too long, giving opposing players a chance to closeout on him. But he does have the requisite skills to be a good back-up. Needs seasoning and to get integrated into a set offense. I think he will be significantly better by the end of the season. It's only been 10 games or so.


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      I feel the same way. I think he hasn't settled in or found his groove yet. He's still trying things that don't always work out, and he's out of sync with his teammates at times. Optimistically, given some time he'll get to know his role better and he'll be a bit more stable.

      I have noticed that Casey's taken to playing Lowry with the bench right until the end of quarters, because they were too out of sync with Vasquez. Then Vasquez goes in with at least 2 or 3 starters who help stabilize things. Sometimes Lowry doesn't come in until halfway through the next quarter.
      He seems to work well with 2Pat and Salmons, so hopefully with more playing time he can find a groove with the rest of the roster. I'm hoping that this is all it comes down to, because I think he can be great backup PG. Perhaps some of the ill advised shots and awkward floaters he takes would be reduced with improved chemistry with the rest of the team. Fingers crossed!


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        I see him as a younger Jose. Remember when Jose first came over, he was just so eager to get his teammates involved and to help his team win he was like an excited puppy. Vazquez reminds me a lot of this. He knows now he has a reputation as a PnR guy and sometimes tries to force the PnR passes way too much. But I don't mind it, he has drive and passion to compete and we've been prone to too many guys who are the exact opposite before.

        With time, his chemistry with Amir and the rest of the team will improve, he'll learn Amir's tendencies and the right time to pass. Him and JV, if they stay together and develop together should be a great 2nd-3rd quarter PnR duo.

        I remember, if I recall correctly, last game, he ran the PnR with Jonas and gave him a perfect bounce pass through three defenders. That was a flash of brilliance from him.

        For those of the tank brigade, I think you know it's over right? But if the point of a tank is to lose now to win later, maybe we can have our cake and eat it too.

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