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    How great is this? How long has it been since our squad has put up a stretch of games like this? Sure, this could be a flash in the pan, an illusion only to be erased by a slew of Ujiri moves in the coming months. Hell, maybe this is even the team we thought it could be in 5 years.

    Let's forget all of that for a second. Forget championships. Forget tanking. Forget everything in between. Think about those slow summer nights when we had to scrounge Google News for every last dying tidbit of Raptor news. This is the stuff we could only dream of then: beating elite teams, getting league-wide recognition, watching exciting basketball, and watching our young guys grow.

    Who knows what could happen in the coming months? But who cares, because this shit is fucking awesome. So take it all in while it's fresh, and smell those goddamn roses, 'cause we out here like Michael Phelps!