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At this point, what would trading Derozan do to the Locker room?

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    Matt52 wrote: View Post
    Good points. Who knows?

    Personally I am staying with the refrain of the day: if you keep Lowry, keep DeRozan and ride this out for the year. No sense in messing up the tank and then messing up a strong regular season to hopefully be followed by strong postseason run making trades now.

    Have a strong year and his value will be higher in the summer.
    Derozan's departure is best suited in the summer where he can be moved in the draft. I still prefer DD moving than Lowry. I place tremendous value on point guards. The team has Ross to step in and Vazquez isn't ready for that.
    “The saving of our world from pending doom will come, not through the complacent adjustment of the conforming majority, but through the creative maladjustment of a nonconforming minority.” - Martin Luther King


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      p00ka wrote: View Post
      Geeeeez, the foolishness that goes on here, even from some articulate (doesn't always mean intelligent, but usually), seeming knowledgeable (beginning to wonder though) people. God damn, if you're a fan of the Raptors, I can't fathom how you can't put down the damn knives, embrace this team and simply enjoy some great basketball, because that's what this team is providing, win or lose.
      Funny, it would seem that while you are baffled as to why not everyone see's it your way, you are in fact unable to see it other peoples way.

      How do you not see the obvious here? Reading posts here I have seen that ALL fans want a winner. Some want it now, others actually are patient enough to be willing to tear it down and rebuild. Some think that the current talent is good enough to stay away from the gambles of youth, while others see this team as having already maxed out on its potential.

      These issues believe it or not are the very same ones that franchise management all over the world have to deal with. There are arguments to be made for every single option that you read on this site. the real difficult thing here is to accept that even though you are not wrong, you are also not right.

      So, rather than referring to people as seemingly smart, why not simple allow that they are smart, and enjoy that nobody has the real answer.

      Yes, we should enjoy the wins, because you never know, you might look back after 20 games and see you've only lost 5 and realize you might actually be good. Or, it might all fall apart.

      You never quite know.


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        Nosike wrote: View Post
        The trade doesn't move the needle for this team, so there's no point to make it because it would only affect chemistry. Additionally Thaddeus young is not a shot creator, he's a finisher, so all shot creating duties would now fall on Lowry.

        If you're trading derozan for another player, it either needs to be an elite young talent or a guy who can create shots from the wing but more efficiently. Currently the only player that fits the latter who we could actually get is afflalo.
        Another point regarding the chemistry is whether this person will be ACCEPTED as the new "guy" who can create shots. If he isn't, then maybe our offense becomes worse.

        But this is right. The question on the table today is "should we trade DD for afflalo?" what would be the point? not "should we trade DD for Harden?" (or someone of that caliber offensively)

        We would need a step up in talent, not a lateral move. For this reason, we're kind of stuck so we might as well finish 3rd with the roster we have, finish the season and then let the dust settle and see what we got