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Raps Need to Keep 2Pat

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    feet85 wrote: View Post
    We can all agree that 2Pat is better than Ed Davis right?
    isaacthompson wrote: View Post
    It's up in the air.
    Puffer wrote: View Post
    Why you gotta start that? Things have been so quiet on that front.
    wallz wrote: View Post

    looks like it is what you prefer. davis has slightly better defensive stats and 2pat has better offensive stats. i would argue that 2pat fits our team make-up more than davis, especially in combo with tyler.

    if davis isn't sent out for gay does masai sign tyler? is our rotation bigV, amir with davis off the bench and gray for matchups with quincy getting sporadic time?

    i would prefer the current set-up with two viable first bigs off the bench but would also like a huge body to replace hayes to give out fouls for less than 6 million