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  • Stretch Provision?

    If you were Masai, would you use the stretch provision on Landry Fields and Hayes this summer?

    Basically the provision allows a team to waive as many players they would like and double the contract length plus add a year to pay the remainder of their contracts.

    In Landry's case, here's how it would be broken down:

    2014-2015 = 2,8333,333
    2015-2016 = 2,8333,333
    2016-2017 = 2,8333,333

    This would free up 5,666,667 this offseason

    In Hayes' case :

    2014-2015 - $1,986250
    2015-2016 - $1,986250
    2016-2017 - $1,986250

    giving us roughly 4 mil in cap room and a total cap hit of 36,536,585 (including Camby and Salmons hits) for these players:

    Novak (Stretch Provision of Novak would give us 2 mil this year and a cap hit of 1.5 mil over the next five years, I would keep him)

    Plus the remainder of Camby's contract ( I believe he had $1,000,000) and John Salmons $1,000,000 buy out.

    Roughly 24,000,000 in cap room - minus the cap hold for 2014 draft pick (1.5 mil. unless we trade it for a player like Harrison Barnes ). Plus the Mid level Exception, Vet Minimums, and two 2nd rounders this year.

    Potential Targets:

    Greg Monroe - Restricted Free Agent
    Re-sign Kyle Lowry
    Resign Vasquez to the Qualifying Offer or sign Sessions, or Hinrich
    Resign Patrick Patterson to the Qualifying Offer

    I don't think the stretch provision really affects this team all that much in the coming years. If we have DeMar, Lowry, Monroe, Val, Ross, the draft picks signed in 2014, 2015, 2- 1st rounders in 2016, through to the 2017 offseason, the only core player we really need to resign is Amir.

    2014 (or Barnes)
    2015 (or Barnes)
    Free Agent
    Mid Level
    2nd rounder
    2nd rounder

    We would probably have roughly 10 mil + exceptions to fill out the roster. After 2017 we would have to be a tax team to keep this team together.
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    It's definitely an interesting idea - depending on how much value you think an expiring contract has next year in a trade scenario vs what type of FA we could sign this off season

    I think Fields contract could be used in a 'swing-for-the-fences' type trade next year.

    question: would his contract trade-value be 8.5mil or the average over the 3 years since he would already be in the final year?


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      I think it would be 8.5 trade value. i don't see much value coming back for either of these players. Neither would yield draft picks. We would basically be getting an average player or players with 2+ years left on their contracts. The Bynum deal, was a total different situation.


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        no. next year both are expiring contracts. why make them longer commitments?


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          This is an interesting idea especially for Fields. I think MU only does it if he has his eyes on a bonafide star. I think an expiring contract is neat but doesn't really have that much value to it. Most teams would take the expiring contract if they can unload an even worse set of contracts or else why would they bother?

          The real question though is would MLSE pay the money to waive him considering they paid both Kleiza and Camby to walk away already?

          I think it's a really smart decision considering his trade value is probably in the negatives.

          As for Hayes I think he still has value. Big man that can still play will always be valuable in the league.


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            There's simply no sense in stretching them at this point. Next season Hayes and Fields have more value because they're expirings; Masai isn't pursuing a star free agent in 2014 because the market is weak. Either you trade them in 2014-15 for some value, or you let them expire to get cap room for the stacked FA market in 2015. Stretching them is a waste.


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              Fields' salary is 6.25, so his annual amount would be 2.08M. Thus saving us 4.17M this year.


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                DanH wrote: View Post
                Fields' salary is 6.25, so his annual amount would be 2.08M. Thus saving us 4.17M this year.
                I thought that was his cap hit, balanced out as the average yearly salary of his contract. I thought next year his salary is 8.5ish million. And I'm not sure if the stretch provision stretches his cap hit or his salary....

                Either way, I agree with @magoon that he and Hayes probably have more value as expiring contracts next year. Their contracts aren't big enough, nor their presences negative enough, to use the stretch provision.


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                  Without going and checking, it would make sense if it stretches both the cap hit and actual salary.

                  Re using stretch provision, I think it depends on who's available. I don't mind it in principle.


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                    It stretches both. And fans never have to think about actual salary - the only thing that matters is cap hit.