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What Could the Raptors Do if Bosh Bolts?

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  • What Could the Raptors Do if Bosh Bolts?

    Good read courtesy of David Aldridge from where he discusses options for the Raptors this summer if Bosh does decide there is greener pastures for him elsewhere.

    The way Aldridge explains it doesn't make things sound as dire.

    I like your articles because theyre very impartial...and that sit down interview with CB4 was awesome! In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm from Canada. Just wondering if you can do an article on potential deals that the Raptors can do in case CB4 decides to leave in the summer. Could be about potential free agents that the Raps can sign, someone who would fit the current team and system if Bosh does not re-sign or possible sign-and-trade scenarios for CB4 that would be advantageous for the Raps.

    I answer, Tobi, I want to make clear that this e-mail came from you, a Raptors fan, and was not concocted by me. That disclaimer is for all the Torontoites that always write in saying that all of us down here in the States keep assuming that Bosh will leave Toronto. I assume nothing of the sort, but am aware of the real possibility. Having said that, let me answer you.

    Being capped out, Toronto can't sign any free agents other than with the mid-level exception, and there isn't any quality big man that the Raptors could probably entice (Dallas' Brendan Haywood has priced himself well above the mid-level with an outstanding season in his walk year, for example).

    The worst-case scenario for Toronto, of course, is if Bosh bolts for cap room in either New York, Chicago or Miami, leaving the Raptors with nothing. The good news for Toronto, though, is that I'd think with decreases in player maximum salaries in the Collective Bargaining Agreement looming, Bosh and his agent would be much more inclined to agree to a sign and trade deal, which would get Bosh one more year of salary at the existing rates of increase (10 percent per year). And a sign-and-trade would obviously net Toronto some significant goodies in return for a five-time All-Star entering the peak of his career.

    As long as we all agree we are deep into Fact-Free Speculation Country, who could be out there? The New York Post's Peter Vescey speculated on a Toronto-Lakers deal featuring Bosh and Andrew Bynum last month, and once Bynum's base-year compensation expires in July, such a deal would be relatively easy to put together. (A Bosh-Pau Gasol-Lamar Odom frontcourt would almost be unfair.) At 22, Bynum would certainly be fair compensation for the soon-to-be 26-year-old Bosh, and give the Raptors the low-post hub around which all their three-point shooting moons could continue to fire threes happily.

    Portland always has the assets and the inclination to do big deals. A swap of LaMarcus Aldridge, Andre Miller and, say, rookie Jeff Pendergraph for Bosh and a future first-round pick -- the Raptors owe Miami their first-round pick in 2010 as part of the Jermaine O'Neal-Shawn Marion swap last year -- would be mutually beneficial. (Toronto could then re-route Miller to a team like Washington, which will be in desperate need of a floor general next season. It would make sense for the Wiz because while Miller has two years and $15 million due, only next season's $7.2 million is guaranteed. And it would make sense for Toronto, because Washington could take Miller into its available cap room in exchange for a future pick, providing the Raptors with a humongous trade exception in return.)

    I'd assume Minnesota would come calling, with its Ricky Rubio trump card, along with Al Jefferson and assorted other enticements, though I'd also assume the Land o' 10K Lakes would not be a preferred destination for Bosh, and it takes two to tango for a sign and trade. You'd also think Phoenix would make Amar'e Stoudemire available, though I suspect this would be low on Toronto's wish list and serve only as a last-ditch option.
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    An Amare for Chris swap makes no sense for Chris Bosh. The Suns offer no more chance to Chris at winning a champion ship and they don't have a bigger market to offer more exposure. Why would he want out of Toronto to go there? He leaves his comfort zone for what?..


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      Ricky Rubio.....what is this guy a joke. We already got too many PG's how many more do we need man.

      And bosh for bynum straight would be shit for us. The guys not even that good and in injury prone.

      How about just letting bosh walk and signing a new FA to a 15 million dollar contract considering thats what bosh would free up if he were to walk


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        Better go check the numbers because I think if Bosh signs with another team the Raptors will have virtually no cap space still. I think you're assuming that the Raptors salary equals the league cap number?


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          Well is these were the only options available (and say Bosh didnt mind where he was going)
          I would send him to Portland first, if nothing happend there i would send him to Minny.
          A return of Aldridge, Miller, Young Guy (Batum anyone?), and a first is a nice package.
          Also Rubio is going to be an elite player when he decides to come to the NBA, thats the reason i would be interested in Minny, they also have 3 first rounders this year..


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            Yeah, if Bosh leaves, we can only sign a mid-level free agent, unless of course we do a sign and trade; that Portland deal followed by possibly trading Andre Miller that David Aldridge is talking about sounds like a good plan, if we can't keep CB4 this summer.


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              You need to put yourselves in Bosh's shoes and ask yourselves something. If you're Chris Bosh, why would you want to leave Toronto? For me, I can think of one reason that would fit what I view as Bosh's character and personality, winning a ring. If I'm Bosh the only reason I leave is because I don't feel I can win a ring in Toronto. I don't leave for the sake of leaving. If I feel this way then I have two options:

              A.) I'll help out the team who brought me this far by allowing them to score some pieces for me. I'll let them S&T me to a team of my choice.
              B.) F the Raptors. I gave them an opportunity to do a S&T but all they keep discussing is the T-Wolves. Screw that. I'll eat the lost salary and sign with the team I wanna play for. I mean I'm still $85M richer.


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                if bosh leaves we make hedo and andrea are leading men. we wouldnt win much at all but hey, we wont be getting out of the first round with bosh anyways.


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                  Blow it all up! Full blown rebuilding process.

                  Refuse to take back any long term deals unless the player has All-NBA potential or is a perennial All-Star on a good contract. Otherwise, limit a sign and trade package to young prospects and draft picks. Keep the cap flexibility and find a use for it later.


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                    m5racer wrote: View Post
                    Ricky Rubio.....what is this guy a joke. We already got too many PG's how many more do we need man.

                    And bosh for bynum straight would be shit for us. The guys not even that good and in injury prone.

                    How about just letting bosh walk and signing a new FA to a 15 million dollar contract considering thats what bosh would free up if he were to walk
                    Pot/Kettle. You call the guy a joke, then suggest we sign a FA to a 15 million dollar deal. Go read Larry Coon's NBA Salary Cap FAQ. The Raptors will already be at the salary cap even if Bosh walks for nothing, so they can't sign a 15 million dollar free agent. They can only use the MLE (mid-level-exception), the bi-annual exception, or for the veterans minimum.
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                      Actually Matty, based on estimates by various people in the media, the cap projected cap drop will still leave them with a little cap space and as such they won't have access to the MLE or bi-annual... We're talking a couple million cap space. In other words, if Bosh leaves and the Raptors can't work a S&T they're totally screwed.
                      Last edited by Apollo; Tue Mar 2, 2010, 07:21 PM. Reason: No Bosh, virtually no cap space and no access to the MLE or BAE = dead in the water


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                        If Bosh flat out walks - as in no S&T, the Raptors will be lucky to be fighting for the 8th seed next year.

                        A good S&T deal, maybe the Raps are as good as this year - But not as good as if CB4 stays.
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