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Dwight Buycks Watch - Also, Raps Need Their Own D-League Team!

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    I believe it ended. The Bayhawks are solely for the Knicks players to send down. Right now the Raptors are sharing a d-league team with the Hawks, Jazz, Suns, and Clippers.
    So... the Knicks just announced they'll have a new D-League team in Westchester, and will sever their ties with the Bayhawks.

    This means the Bayhawks could either be a shared team, or a single-affiliate.

    If shared, it would make some sense - you'd have 4 teams shared between 16 clubs - a nice even 4 each, theoretically. Instead of the 5 or 6 NBA clubs per the 3 shared D-League teams right now.

    However... Erie is actually very close to Toronto. Of the other NBA teams without a single affiliate, Toronto is among the very closest to Erie. Detroit might be the closest, but then their current affiliate Fort Wayne is even closer yet. Washington also currently shares Fort Wayne and might be interested in flipping to Erie. All others are further away.



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      They really need to fix up the D-League in this regards. It honestly has a lot of potential for use thats just hampered by certain teams being allowed exclusive teams while others have to share a single team with 3 to 4 other teams.

      I really don't understand how the concept of each NBA team having its own D-League team being so hard. If they did something like this, I just don't see how it wouldn't help increase D League visibility and the manner in which its viewed.
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        Remember in September when Buycks and Stone were lauded as Lowry's eventual replacements?

        Those were the days....


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          ^I still like Stone....I think he is one of our better deep bench options. I just think he is used improperly (Casey ftw)

          Stone is a good player to put in the game and told to run a full court press and be a terror on the defensive end, because his size and speed can allow him to do so. Run him in short stints (3-4minutes) so he can play with a high intensity, and play him with players who can be the primary ball handler due to Stones lack of offense, tell Stone to crash offensive boards (again size will help here, even if he only gets 1 or 2 a game, that's huge) and it will also set him up to put full court pressure on the ball handler (Vasquez). (also instead of running the 2pg lineup..). (Nando could also work well if Salmons/Vas is having a rough go). But no, Casey has Stone running PnR's when he is on the floor

          *2 cents