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IMPORTANT: We could own the championship belt (That existed?)

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  • IMPORTANT: We could own the championship belt (That existed?)

    So I was just reading an article that Blake Murphy posted on RR about the championship belt. Brooklyn currently owns it. Basically the first team to beat miami was Philly and that belt get passed on. Blake explains it better:

    This is the list of teams with the belt and how many games they defended it:
    Heat – one defense
    76ers – two
    Warriors – one
    Spurs – eight
    Thunder – three
    Blazers – one
    Mavericks – lost on first defense
    Kings – lost on first defense
    Jazz – one
    Spurs (2) – lost on first defense
    Clippers – three
    Warriors – seven
    Nets (c) – one

    So could we defend it the longest? I hope so. Let's go raps!

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    Awesome, belt is on the line!!!

    Dammit I wish I could make to see this game live.


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      Yeeee we got the belt! Although it really means nothing... Everything is going right for the raps. Its awesome to watch this team.

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          Alright, now we cannot lose it! This is to get recognition in the Reddit community!
          The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!


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            I've been checking in on the belt periodically, hoping that we'd get a chance to snag it... We better keep it for a couple of games!!!
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