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Canada's Hockey Gold Got in the Way of Triano's Preparation Last Night?

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  • LBF
    i see this as the equivalent of when all the americans and athletes(including raptors players) stopped to watch the election.

    they didnt really need to do that but they did. jay didnt really need to do this but he did.

    even steven if you ask me.

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  • m5racer
    really it didn't say he wasn't prepared, it saids

    "Triano postponed his pre-game press conference " I think thats a bit diffrent then he wasent prepared for the game. And none the less, it was the players that lost the game for us, not Jay.

    We would have lost anyways, no point in missing the gold medal game
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  • Bendit
    He shouldnt have admitted it publicly (less than 100% preparation). If the players didnt sense it before the game they get to read it now. I can see JT & the coaches huddled around a laptop chewing fingernails.

    JT sometimes is too truthful to a fault. Afterall, he is!

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  • Apollo
    I forgive him. Gold medal baby!

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  • Canada's Hockey Gold Got in the Way of Triano's Preparation Last Night?

    Huh .... ummm .... I realize he's Canadian and all, but Jay's supposed to be a professional too. Why on earth would you admit this, let alone use it as an excuse for last night's loss?

    Raptors coach Jay Triano’s brother, Jeff, played minor league hockey in the Toronto Maple Leafs system years ago so it was understandable Triano postponed his pre-game press conference until after Sidney Crosby scored the overtime goal to lift Canada to a 3-2 win over the USA.

    "I think this (hockey) game was quite pivotal for the success of the (Winter) Olympics,” Triano said. "There was some tragedy before Opening Ceremonies. But overall, the Canadians did very well. It was a great way to wrap up the Olympics in your host country.”

    As for the dramatic outcome, "I’m a hockey fan. But to be honest, the fact the gold medal is on a day we play takes a little bit away from our preparation today getting ready for tonight’s game.”
    Source - Click here