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    Great feedback. I actually agree with you somewhat, in that having an extreme low usage, low efficiency player like Hayes as a 4th big man is possibly too much of a problem than can be compensated for, even by having a high usage wing like Derozan on the court at the same time. Your data seems to show that. So, yes, keeping Amir or even better, Jonas on the court will help. But now you're down to a 3-man big rotation with Jonas and Amir prone to fouling out, so you could end up having to play Hayes in the 4th quarter in winning time - the worst possible time. Again, getting Hansborough back and increasing the usage of Salmons & Hansborough should help. Perhaps bring Jonas back a little earlier, and get him more touches, which would also help to develop his game, should be part of the approach.

    Just wondering: where do you get your data from? It's a nice break out.
    First, you can deal with having Hayes and Patterson on the court - but maybe not together, and certainly not together with Vasquez. The key is to stagger the rotations more. We don't have a well-enough rounded bench to be able to use the hockey line change strategy - the bench is made entirely of specific role players, who are only really useful in combination with 2 or 3 starters. We should have one of Jonas/Amir on the court at all times (not hard to do, even with their occasional foul trouble), as well as one of DD and Lowry on the court at all times.

    Second, I get my numbers from - it is very useful for date and lineup filtering. Just a huge amount of data on that site.


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      2kfeen wrote: View Post
      Does Fields have post moves?
      Plus you have to understand that Fields might not be able to keep up with dynamic PGs for long stretches. Remember, this guy is meant to guard guys like Melo, KD, Wade, Kobe etc. Asking him to be a shot creator on 1 end and guard dynamic PGs/star SFs and SGs is too much to handle for Fields
      The point is to have Fields appear in the second unit and eat up 3-4 minutes of Vasquez time so that he (Vasquez) can't shoot the Raptors into as big a hole as he has been shooting them into. Why would he be guarding dynamic PGs/star Sfs and SGs?