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Landry Fields probably out for a month

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    DanH wrote: View Post
    No, both are stretched. So we still owe him the 8.5 M, but pay it over 3 years.
    Ahh, appears Dan is right about the payment getting stretched too. Also, teams can decide whether or not to stretch the cap hit after they stretch the payment. The only way I can think a team would want to do that is if they're financially broke (so they need to stretch the payment) but they don't need the cap space right away.

    Regardless, Landry will be more valuable to the Raps as an expiring contract than the $4M in cap space we'd free up next year by stretching him. We have to remember that by stretching him we'd lose $2.2M in cap space for 2015-16 and 2016-17. We'll need that space to sign players like Psycho T.