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    white men can't jump wrote: View Post
    But am I the only one who finds it insanely frustrating that he's the only starter who's FGAs have stayed the same (technically very slightly gone down) since the Rudy Gay trade? We've just subbed one perimeter heavy player for spreading it around a bit. Even Amir gets a bit more shots (likely jumpers). Casey just does not know how to utilize bigs, or even just generally run a system that tries to exploit the lane. I would be frustrated and shaken if I were Jonas. He gets pulled every time he has a bad stretch, and glued to the bench. It seems like his development is a complete afterthought.
    IMO it has to do with the fact that we've clearly been in win-now mode since the trade. "Win-now" means the offense needs more shots from DeMar and Lowry to succeed, and apart from forcing Ross into the starting lineup, development has taken a back seat.

    This is why I don't want Casey resigned..
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      This thread has turned into gold

      Casey does blow at player development and has no idea how to utilize a big man. Also our guards suck a the PnR.

      I think a tank job (and therefor see JV take a large responsibility on the offensive end) would massively help him develop his offensive game, conditioning, strength and defensive reads.


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        Mobility, awareness, stamina & more post moves. I think it will come but his presence leads to winning because with his size & his ability to go straight up on shot contests @ the rim. This is an essential skill for today's NBA centres. JV provides enough rim protection & he has a good touch around the rim. At this point, he still thinks too much instead of reacting but when he hits a point where he slows down mentally (through experience, repetition), you'll see his true value.

        Doubt he's ever going to be a dominant paint scorer, but which centre is in today's NBA? Rim protection & good finishing skills alone make him valuable for our team moving forward.
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          JV's post move into the paint is very easy to defend. Just put some body on him, even a forearm, and push him towards the FT line and that's where he will go...away from the basket while attempting a poorly looking hook shot. He needs to strengthen his lower body and core so he can push back on those plays and maintain his position down low. This will keep him closer to the basket, and help maintain his balance for the shot.

          JV also sets way too many screens IMO. He needs to work on setting screens yes, but the Raps need to use him less for this purpose. I understand the benefits of having your C drag his defender out of the paint on the PnR. But, JV is often setting multiple screens in the same possession. So, he sets a screen and the play dissolves, then he has to come from under the basket out to the 3pt line, set another screen and then roll back down for a potential rebound. Sometimes he gets called out to set a screen and it doesn't get used, and the result is a long 2. We shouldn't be using JV as a decoy, especially if the result is just a mid range shot. This is one of the reasons he may be getting tired in those games where he gets the minutes.

          Also, he has to shoot more. His shot hasn't proven to be the greatest, but if he utilizes it effectively it will open things up for him. I think he should also face up his defender on occasion, if those few instances where he gets the ball but isn't deep in the low block. Face up and shoot, and if the D bites, take it to the hole big fella.

          And, of course, like others have mentioned, our guards and wings have to be more effective working the PnR with JV, both parties need more work there. He also doesn't get enough touches (that's on you Lowry), and thus is often rushing things when he does get the ball.

          So, in conclusion, the team isn't utilizing JV as well as it could IMO. I think JV needs more strength and conditioning in order to expand his offensive game (unless he is gonna try and be Hakeem), he needs to continue to shoot the jumper, he needs to work on the PnR, but he should not be used simply as a decoy or screen setter only (this goes for Amir too). He needs to be more involved in those types of plays, and that's on Casey and the other guys to make that happen as well.


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            all i know is his game performance has been utter shit for my nba GM team. peaked about 10 games ago and is now actually performing worse than last year


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              He usually struggles against a quicker PF playing center.


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                KeonClark wrote: View Post
                What are you talking about? Pretty much every center in the league right now was slow to develop.
                That's true but it's relative. I'm not sure what your point is by saying that. Sure, a wing player can be dominant earlier in their career, but when comparing centers against other centers it becomes relative.

                Dwight Howard wasn't elite by year 2 -- but he was already fairly dominant by then. That applies to all of the currently elite centers in the league other than perhaps Roy Hibbert who took a number of years to get there. JV has not shown any sort of dominance at all. This is not a slap to JV's face, I'm simply saying he isn't dominant, and for someone to say they expected him to be a top 5 center, seems ridiculous.
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