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Game #42: Toronto Raptors 104 - Philadelphia 76ers 95

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  • TRex wrote: View Post
    What i don't understand about that game was. They took him out w/ 7mins left. I know it was a blowout but there's still 7mins left. Take him out of the game the last 2-3 mins. Would've been cool to see him score 70+ points.
    Oh jesus.

    Sadly, youre serious.

    Listen, NYK played their starters while up almost 40 in the 4th to keep pushing Carmelo's point total, it was embarrassing to watch. You don't do that. I thought Anthony was a dick for running it to be honest, but its not that big a deal.

    When individual stats become all that matters, I think the game suffers. Had that been baseball or hockey, somebody woulda got beaned or laid out. Yay for Carmelo, you beat a hopeless team when they were down, in a battle of hopeless teams, and ran it up while up 35.... good job. Fun to watch I guess, but not my preference.

    the place where I DO like it, the Gardens was absolutely rocking....they needed something, anything!!!!!!

    So in that respect, without the sarcasm, good on ya Carmelo.


    • Craig

      When you're a competitive person and you are feeling it and you know you are in striking distance of a record, you say f the competition, I'm going to break that record. There is no playing nice at that point.

      I wish they kept him in and tried to get him into the 80's, just to see Kobe's reaction if anything