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    Balls of Steel wrote: View Post
    I agree on the DD trade possibility. But BallaBalla's proposed 5-7 Mil is cray cray. He's earning 6 and change at the moment. So he takes a paycut? As for the concerns of future health and shape of Lowry, I pulled this nifty nugget on Mr. Larry Sanders via Wikipedia:

    On August 20, 2013, Sanders signed a four-year, $44 million contract extension with the Bucks. In December, Sanders was sidelined for 25 games after sustaining a torn ligament in his thumb in a night club altercation. Sanders was fined for the two municipal citations of disorderly conduct and assault and battery charges, but police did not pursue further criminal charges.

    How's Sanders' season so far?

    $44 million doesn't buy any team in any sport future guarantees.
    Sanders is different though. It's just a really bad contract for Milwaukee and based on more potential than anything. Larry Sanders is a good rim protector and they probably hoped he would turn into a better version of Tyson Chandler. I don't expect Lowry to go and get injured in a nightclub. Also, they probably didn't rush Sanders back because they are tanking.

    Lowry has proven himself and is definitely worth money in and around that range. Lowry is also set to enter the prime of his career so there is a little less risk there than a contract like Steve Nash/Lakers.


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      PG is a deep position. It's hard for anyone to command very high salaries. A team may be desperate and throw money at Lowry, but LA is really the only one that could fit the bill I think.

      Something to ponder about PGs....Here is a list of PG salaries in the NBA (they list Tyreke Evans, but we'll just ignore that) that seems to be mostly accurate, except I don't know what to make of Jrue Holiday who they have listed at around 9 million but hoopshype has him listed around 11 million

      Notice that very few are making 12+ million, namely

      Chris Paul
      Deron Williams
      Derrick Rose
      Russell Westbrook
      Tony Parker
      Rajon Rondo

      *Wall will leap into that range once his extension kicks in.

      Then you have no one else making more than 11 million....albeit some guys have escalating salaries that will climb above that in years to come. (Curry, Lawson)

      So I'm not sure what to make of Lowry's free agency. I think despite his great season, it's not that hard to argue that at best, he's at about Lawson's level, and Lawson is a year younger with a bit more success.

      I'm on the fence about whether it would be worth it to re-sign Lowry at a 10+ million per season salary. I don't think I'd be too happy with it. Seems like a big investment in a PG when the position is deep and the team is still not close to contending. I'd hope for a number like 9.5 million at most. And I wouldn't give him a 5 year deal...4 years at most, with the 4th being a player option so if he feels he deserves another big deal, he can opt out and look for one. And I'd hope that the team can also draft a PG who can develop behind Lowry for a couple of years.


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        Craig wrote: View Post
        He's worth more than Bosh was.

        right, now, intangibles included, he's the best PG in The Eastern conference.

        He's gonna be signed, and if its for 12 - 13 million, so effin what, 1) not my money 2) you get what you pay for, and this guy is top notch.
        Agree with every word uttered. Preach it brotha!
        It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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          thanks buddy