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  • New Team Identity (On the Rise)

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed already but if it has, please merge as neccessary. Thanks!

    In the past few months since "The Trade", I'm beginning to see that the Raptors are carving out an identity for themselves. Not only have we changed to an above average defensive team, but it's looking as though they are becoming more gritty and scrappy against most (if not all) the teams they're facing. It appears as though you can say that no lead is too great for this team to overcome. The opposing team will likely have to have a 35+ point lead going into the 4th quarter for them to be 'comfortable'.

    It's apparent that the Raptors are usually on the other end of the stick, losing big leads but it hasn't happened as often I've witness myself in the past. At least with this year, this team, my confidence with this team has grown to a point where I'm not too worried because the team's defense has bailed us out on more than one occassion.

    Nevertheless, we are still a young team (on the rise) and we still have a lot of ways to go before having that identity that many of the contenders/elite teams have. I'm curious as to what everyone else here might think?

    Scrappy, Gritty Defensive team capable of lighting it up very quickly.

    (I'm aware that you can probably say that about most teams but it's been a long, long while since I've felt we could say that about this year's team!)
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    I'd call them scrappy and gritty, sure. It's a bunch of guys coming together trying to make a name for themselves and for the team. I love the way Amir and DeRozan have adopted the city, and rep it to the fullest at all times. Lowry does too, but for some reason he strikes me as fool's gold, so I'm quite hesitant on saying whether I would like them to re-sign him or not. It really depends on the yearly salary. I don't feel that he's worth more than DeMar at all(DD's contract is pretty darn good now, innit?), but I think he will likely fetch anywhere between $10-13M in free agency, and I don't want to overpay for the guy even though he seems to be the rock that keeps this team rolling. I shudder to think what would happen if he were to go down*knocking on wood*.

    So right now, they seem to have taken on Lowry's mentality, which is very scrappy. But this could be a dramatically different team if we are without him next year, kinda like they are dramatically different since the Gay trade. I guess we will find out either by the deadline or the draft if they plan to move forward with Lowry as the PG.

    I feel like they still need that true 'star' player if they want to get past the moniker of being a team that is just 'scrappy and gritty'. I have no idea of who that may be, or who I think is even feasible for them to acquire at the moment, but I have full trust in Masai and Leiweke to make a big splash in the not-so-distant future.
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      This team has carved the identity of the zombie horde that just doesn't die. Mentally weak opposition thinks they shot us enough, but we still get up, terrorize their home court and they panic and forget to shoot us in the head. The type of zombies we are; are the running zombies that also jump very high.


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        That has always been Dwane Casey's mantra from day one.
        Pound the rock. Defense first.
        It's just that Brian Colagenlo did not put players that are willing to put in work on both ends of the floor.

        Guys like Rudy Gay, Bargnani, Alan Anderson, Kleiza, Aaron Gray (to an extent) got away with playing half-hearted defense.

        However, I still do not think our half-court offense is consistent.

        Lowry has bailed us out with a lot of step back 3s. Those kept us in so many games.
        JV's 40 pump fakes per possession are not working as often any more.
        We don't have a consistent low-post scorer (hard to come by). Greg Monroe?
        Derozan is lacking a 3 point shot.
        Amir Johnson is good for cleaning up the glass and is a effort guy. In late game situations on offense, he does not have any go to moves.