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Who's your Raps man crush?

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  • Who's your Raps man crush?

    I'm not asking who's the player you see as most valuable for the team, or the most efficient $-wise. Nope, I want to know the player that you would hate to see traded for inexplicable reasons. The one player whose departure would make you want to put on your pajamas, buy a huge bucket of ice cream and start a Jennifer Aniston marathon that'd last 3 days and 3 nights.

    Mine ? Amir.

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    There is no force in nature that would make me want to start a Jennifer Aniston marathon.

    Acy was my guy. He hasn't been replaced yet.
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      I love that kid's personality


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        I used to like me some Jennifer Aniston, circa the 'Friends' era.

        In all seriousness, Valanciunas is the only guy that would upset me in the least.


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          DeMar. Especially if he does better somewhere else.
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            Amir or T Ross

            JV getting traded would just make me irrationally angry

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            OG is our king


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              Mine is also Amir, he just seems to love our city and I think he is the heart of the Raptors.


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                Definitely demar, understand his downfalls and not sure if he can get better at them but for some reason i love the guy.


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                  Dwane Casey

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                    Demar. This guy has shown so much dedication to this team and this city, saying that he loves it here and wants to stay here. Saying that he wants to take this team to the playoffs and further. I think trading him would be quite the stab in the back for his efforts and dedication.


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                      Ross and Pat Pat.

                      And I'm still hurting over the departure of Ed Davis.


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                        This guy:

                        I like when they interview him for some reason

                        Jesse Mermuys for those uneducated raptor fans ... (just kidding I had to find out what his name was)


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                          When I read the tittle I'm like "yes" finally!!!
                          but then I was kinda disappointed to what this thread was actually about....

                          Mine has got to be DeMar and TRoss
                          I can't part with them, I just can't
                          If they leave I might breakdown
                          dont leave dont leave dont leave dont leave dont leave

                          but my Raps crush was Rudy , like C'mon how can you not think he's hot <3
                          and Mr.Ujiri hasn't found a replacement yet -.- kyrie would be nice
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                            lilmamba_ wrote: View Post
                            but my Raps crush was Rudy , like C'mon how can you not think he's hot
                            Because like 91.7 percent of us here are men.

                            Just saying ...


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                              I'm gonna say this.....

                              As a die hard anti-KL guy in the past, I constantly demended he get his head out of his ass, stop bitching, stop pouting, look to play the game right, look to lead, and look to be a player a PG is supposed to be.

                              He went home, got married, had hildren, grew up, got fit, came in this year and has done ALL of these things, and he seems to have bought in because he MUSTR be loving the result sand accolades that follow.

                              That being the case, Kyle Lowry is my guy on the Toronto Raptors. He reminds me of a young Steve Nash, and will likely only get better with time. You see Lowry doesn't blow by anyone, or use speed.... he uses grit and smarts.... I lik eit.