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Game # 50- Toronto Raptors @ Los Angeles Clippers- 10:30 PM

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  • Game # 50- Toronto Raptors @ Los Angeles Clippers- 10:30 PM

    Nobody is starting the thread, I'll give it another go...

    TORONTO RAPTORS (26-23) vs. Los Angeles Clippers (34-18)

    Game Information:
    10:30 PM Start
    TV: TSN
    RADIO: TSN 1050

    Raptors are 2-2 going into their final game of the road trip and it was like two weeks ago since Terrence BOSS scored 51 against these same opponents. Raptors lost that game 126-118, but were only in it because of Ross. If you recall though, DeMar left the game due to a sprained ankle, 2Pat broke his nose and didn't return and Lowry collided knees but seems to be fine. Totally different circumstances, and that will not allow T-Ross to go off again.

    Raptors are 14-13 on the road (and 6-6 against the west)
    Clippers are 20-4 at home

    Things that need to happen:

    BIGS (Especially Amir's Defence)-

    I don't know WTF happened to Amir. Once the heart and soul of our team- he has magically disappeared. Last time, Amir let Blake Griffin go off. Can't let that happen. The bigs have to establish a presence and try to get Jordan and Griffin into foul trouble.

    Transition D-

    This is LOB city. They love to go out and run. Can not allow a team to do that when you are on the road.

    Good Start-

    Raptors can not keep trying to make comebacks, they need a good start and defend the lead.

    Efficient DeMar-

    The Clipppers aren't bad at defence and a lackluster/ inefficient game from DeRozan won't cut it. T-Boss picked up the the slack this game, All- Star needs to go to work...

    Raptors after a 5 game road trip will probably end sluggishly, but I wouldn't be surprised if they bounced back from the SAC game. I think some kind of comeback will be needed, but in the end a loss: 105-99 LAC =( (Not feeling a W...)

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    Perfect timing! Mods can just merge mine into this. Nice job.


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      I have a feeling that we're gonna have to try and outgun them again, as opposed to relying on our defence for the win. Too difficult to slow them down
      OG is our king


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        arent you supposed to let someone else start a game thread since the last one you started was a loss?


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          nobody was starting, rules were stupid... You get the point

          @Scraptor: Sorry would've let you start... just 3 mins. late

          Edit: Also I would want to provide a he thread with stuff that people also has been wanting. If there is anything I learned from that other thread it is what people want for a thread and that is what I want to do.:-)
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            I want the raptors to win


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              Jangles wrote: View Post
              I want the raptors to win
              No shit, Sherlock

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              What they got to say now? Nothing they can say now. Mobbin' on the low. Winnin' on the low
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                Despite this, Lewenberg just tweeted no changes to the starters.

                Personally I say we should shut Amir down till after the all star break. We have plenty of PF depth with Hands Bro back. Unless Masai has Amir on the block.


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                  Amir is surely injured right? For a player who is known for his energy he has shown basically none for a good while now.
                  Still, I would've expected Ross to be removed from the starting lineup if anyone, given Casey's patience with young players.


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                    Amir has been such an utter disappointment since that Miami game.


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                      Oh for GOD'S SAKE TSN. Fuck off with the curling bullshit.


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                        game time


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                          Hoping for an entertaining game at least.


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                            I think I saw that insurance agent, Cliff, on the Clippers' bench.


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                              wow. 10 seconds and a fucking JV foul already. useless