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  • Need A Upgrade

    I'm watching the raptors game right now and there down by 22 to the clippers so i was have thinking that we need an UPGRADE before the trade deadline,
    who agrees and if you do comment and right a trade. I would have to hear some trades.

    I got 3 players that can fit in well
    -Greg Monroe
    -Kevin Love
    -Thaddeus Young
    Abbas wrote:

    First of all i was my own source

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    This goes in the trade thread


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      I believe there is a thread for this topic already (might be on page 2 now). Not easy to get a good player without trading a good player in return. Nobody likes to be fleeced. Love/Monroe are huge assets to Minny/Detroit respectively. Trading them would require multiple picks plus a guy like DD. Love is risky because he could walk in another year.

      I always liked Thaddeous Young but is he going to get you over the top? He's added depth for sure, but he's not an inside the paint presence and I think that's more important. Besides Philly will want numerous picks as well for him.. not sure how I feel about giving assets like that up for a guy like Young. And I have been pushing for Young myself. Just think we need to be patient, and see what the trade market is like in the summer. You don't want to mess with team chemistry for example.