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Lowry to the Knicks again?

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  • I wonder if NY would be willing to part with Chandler? Atlanta needs a center. If they want to make a playoff push Chandler would be a solid pick up. Acquiring Chandler could also be a reason why Atlanta would be willing to part with a pick.


    • Fully wrote: View Post
      I have to agree. There has to be something missing from that deal if it's actually been discussed between the three teams. I can see why New York and Toronto would agree to it but not Atlanta.

      If Ujiri can actually get Teague + a 2014 mid First Rounder for an expiring Lowry and nothing else then he's officially a hypnotist.

      Trusssst in meeeeee


      • Balls of Steel wrote: View Post
        Agreed. As a matter of fact, any trades shouldn't involve giving up picks to bolster roster for playoffs. Perfectly content with as is OR an offer that MU CANNOT RESIST (ie. DD or Lowry - with an eye towards the future).
        In agreement. At the end of the day I don't think there will be an offer out there that can entice MU.


        • enlightenment wrote: View Post
          Since the trade, we are a .650 team. Thats the team I want to keep together.
          Let them go forward and see what happens. A trade at this point may upset team chemistry.