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Elite NBA defence: Players vs scheme

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    stooley wrote: View Post
    TH's job is to run into people, so he inevitably gets fouls called against him.
    Oh PhyscoT, you either really love him, or really hate him
    The name's Bond, James Bond.


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      slaw wrote: View Post
      My comment was simply that it seems to be less of an issue. My thought behind that comment is that the defense overall is much better so, while they may be fouling at the same rate, it hasn't been as material to their success (or lack thereof) as it seemed to be last year.
      Exactly. If the objective is better D -done. If that means more fouls, so be it (as long as at the end of the game opponents score is lower than ours.
      Look at it this way: What does improved D mean:
      -You box out more "forcefully" (sometimes they call a foul on TH);
      -We take a lot of charges ins of "stepping away" (sometimes refs call a foul on Kyle rather than a charge);
      -Fight through screens (higher chance of foul being called).
      All the extra "aggressiveness" forces TOs, more difficult shots, less rebounds for other team & yes more personal fouls.
      I guess you could say "a cost of doing business".