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Tyler Hansborough post up move

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  • Tyler Hansborough post up move

    Is it me or does all of Tyler's ugly backing in, post up heaves miraculously go in? Maybe they're not heaves, but they're not exactly shots either. It's like he's making a lot of contact on the play while backing his man to the rim, and then scoops it up/hook shot while hoping for a whistle and it seems like it always goes in, all net.
    Or is this just my imagination? Can't find any stats on this.

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    Easy stat to look at is the one that says he is shoting under 50% from teh field, so pretty sure everything he throws up does not go in.
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      Just talking about the post up move.


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        I would guess that TH can finish at the rim in traffic as well as any other Raptor, at least when not driving to the hoop. How he gets his shot off is miraculous sometimes. I often cringe when he gets the ball in the post, but he is far from ineffective in that situation. He also has a knack of getting to the line, which is great. I've been very pleased with Tyler's contributions, and I would say he is the probably the best rebounder we have. If he was getting 30 min a game he would lead the Raps in rebounds I think.


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          Because the post moves are so aggressive, a relatively high percentage of those shots are blocked. He is doing much better in that regard this year than in Indiana, however; currently, only 6% of his shots are blocked, compared to 5% for the team as a whole.

          As to the shot itself, it is usually a more awkward-looking version of the jump hook that Amir puts up. But he has always shot like that, and has a great knack for finding a way through or over the hands of the defender, or getting fouled. That is the main reason why he was the all-time leading scorer in ACC history.

          Now, if he could just get his confidence back in that jump shot...It was amusing at the very end of Atlanta game to see his teammates setting him up for a three in the corner. But it missed.


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            caccia wrote: View Post
            That is the main reason why he was the all-time leading scorer in ACC history.
            That was the point I was going to make. He clearly has a nose for the rim.
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              If you look at his college stats compared to the all-time scorers, you can see how he gets his points.

              Hansbrough 142 games, 939 FG made, 982 FT made, 2,872 points scored

              Larry Bird 94 games, 1,154 FG made, 542 FT made, 2,850 points

              Pete Maravich 83 games, 1,387 FG made, 893 FT made, 3,667 points

              David Robinson 127 games, 1,032 FG made, 604 FT made, 2,669 points

              Danny Manning 147 games, 1,216 FG made, 509 FT made, 2,951 points

              Of the top 25 all-time NCAA scorers, only 3 have more than 800 FT made, with Hansbrough as #1. He has almost doubled Danny Manning (the #9 all-time scorer).
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