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Terrence Ross injury

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    TRex wrote: View Post
    Forget about the Bulls. Like i said on another thread, 3rd seed, 4th seed, it doesn't really make much difference. I believe that if the Raps get homecourt advantage in the 1st round they'll beat whoever they face doesn't matter if it's the Nets or Wizards.

    Raps need to win their division. It's that simple.
    In agreement.


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      planetmars wrote: View Post
      Yeah I agree.. coaches typically don't like to disrupt routines. So they will swap out a starter for some one else keeping all the other rotations in tact. Novak is a bit too big to play SF. If Ross doesn't play I think Landry gets the start. He'll probably only play 10 minutes total though.

      Iggy has been doing really poorly since the all-star break. Hopefully that streak continues tonight.
      Pretty much nailed it.