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Do we run too many screens?

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    Answered in another thread:

    "Picks are the most underrated move in basketball."


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      The only problem I see with the PNR this year is that it is wearing on JV both physically and mentally. I watch Lowry call him up top and then ignore the roll, as JV stands there wide open he gets pissed. You can see him pout all the way back up the floor. He is already starting to slack on hustling all-out. The way the franchise has f'd up his utilization I honestly feel like they need to trade him, cause he is not going to resign when the time comes, it's written all over his face.
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        KeonClark wrote: View Post
        Yeah, too many screens. I miss the "stand around and watch" offense. Bring back gay and andrea.

        Did you even read the OP or the linked article? Fewer screens does not equal a static offense.

        The Spurs run one of the crispest and most motion-filled offenses in the league and they are 20th in screens. Portland is 23rd and Houston is 27th.


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          We all make mistakes... Tanking is not the answer.. This squad can ball! Let it roll!!


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            No, I don't think there's such a thing as too little screens.

            Less screens doesn't mean a static offense, but more screens typically means more chances at spot-up shooting, which primarily our wings are taking (DD/Ross)

            It also gives up the Pick and Roll. For our type of Offense, we 100% need our Wings to be able to knock down spot-up shots, whether it be an elbow jumper that DD sometimes takes, the long-2 that he likes, or Ross's 3s.

            That, and it opens up our P&R, which Amir/JV are I would like to think above average, and are only getting better.

            And, Lowry also likes his little step-back 3-pointers, which work well off the screen, as the defender simply can't get there in time to contest the jumper.


            This video is decent, it's not the best, but it shows how the Raptors use their screens pretty well.