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  • Nilanka wrote: View Post
    We kind of have to wonder why Carter even agreed to be part of that 30 minute documentary. Was he paid? Does he genuinely want to repair his reputation amongst Toronto fans? Is he setting the stage for a return?

    We've talked about MLSE's motivation, but seems like Carter is on board too.
    Good questions.

    Like I said in previous post, this would be my opinion:

    Why does Vince do this? LEGACY. Toronto is the only franchise that will really remember him - for whatever reasons, good or bad. New Jersey? Not after moving to Brooklyn. Orlando? Not after the team became worse with him and he played just 2 seasons averaging 15.5 points per game. Phoenix? Nope. Dallas? Negative.


    • joey_hesketh wrote: View Post
      He's wearing 25 in Dallas and has been for several seasons. A #25 Carter jersey could actually be a bigger seller, as people who already own #15 jerseys would be inclined to have both.
      Yeah, I considered that from a marketing perspective too. And they can spin it with the whole "this is a different Vince, not the cry baby but the leader "Vince 2.5" or "Vince +10"
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      • iblastoff wrote: View Post
        Ahh interesting. I'd love to be able to order shirts/hoodies or something with that logo. Its slick, minimal and modern which is how I like it.
        Rapstor4Life wrote: View Post
        These are really slick.
        Much appreciated. Link's updated. Enjoy guys!