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Raptors @ Timberwolves -- March 9th, 2014 @7pm

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    I guess for the most part Salmons plays good defense arguable as good as Fields? debatable scouts know Fields is shooting ridiculously low percentages right now and besides slashing you can cheat on him defensively. Salmons however still should be able to hit wide open looks regardless of how hes shooting at the moment and he still must be covered behind the arc so I guess Casey plays him over Fields knowing this?

    My point is Salmons is likely gone after this season Fields we still have into next season its time we get something from all that money we are giving him and either Ujiri trades him as an expiring or we resign after next season dirt cheap cause at this point he may be out of the league if he still cant hit open shots remaining a role player in toronto.
    yah thats one way to look at it. the other i suppose is with fields on the floor, you may not be wasting as many possessions with a missed shot from salmons. i dunno. not sure if i prefer one over the other really.


    • Btw...just watching the replay now. Love the play where Hayes misses a chip shot, he tips the rebound to lowry, lowry funnels it out to can hear the entire crowd moan as he catches and releases it for a three. Great sound.


      • What we're getting from Salmons right now is what I expected when we made the trade. The good stretch for a few games post-trade was just a bonus.

        There's no reason Ross shouldn't be consistently getting 30-32 minutes a game.
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