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  • Fixed it for you

    golden wrote: View Post

    Vince is like that rare old guy who's been working for 13 different companies for 40 years, never cared about climbing the corporate ladder and still lives off the reputation he had at the first company, so different management like to give him a chance and keep him around. Nobody is quite sure what his job is anymore and he's really just hanging around to maximize his pension and milk the system, but he wouldn't have anything better to do with his life anyway if he retired. lol.
    Some might say there's no QUIT in Vince Carter any more


    • All man. All amazing.


      • MixxAOR wrote: View Post
        Amazing. The timing, the grit, the court vision, the speed, the positional awareness, the footwork, the fearlessness. That's one underrated son-of-a-gun. People will always remember Kawhi when they look back at 2019, but he ain't winning no championship here without this dog right there.
        ==Glad to have doubted the doubters==