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Hollinger: Raps Likely to Fight It Out With Bulls For the 8th Spot

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  • Hollinger: Raps Likely to Fight It Out With Bulls For the 8th Spot

    Here's Hollinger's 2 cents worth.

    If you'll recall, the Playoff Odds weren't ready to pencil in the Raptors as a postseason team even when they were 31-24 because of a difficult late-season schedule. . . .

    This was partly attributable to not having Chris Bosh in the lineup for a few games because of an ankle injury, but the Raps struggled even upon his return. Toronto somehow lost at home to Philadelphia on Sunday in a game that wasn't terribly close, and while it competed more gamely in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the result was the same. Toronto still must visit Portland, New Orleans, Cleveland, Atlanta, Miami and Charlotte. Plus, the Raptors have five difficult home games remaining (Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Utah, Denver and Boston).

    Despite the difficult schedule, Toronto has a 75 percent chance at the postseason, according to Wednesday morning's Playoff Odds. The Raps already own the tiebreaker against Chicago, which should provide some insulation if they lose a key late-season game against the Bulls on April 11. But at some point, Toronto will need to beat a few good teams. If the Raptors only take care of the bad teams and knock off Chicago at home, they'll finish 41-41, which is a bit too close for comfort.

    As a result, the most likely scenario is a battle between Toronto and Chicago for the East's final playoff spot. It's not exactly a riveting race at the moment -- the two sides have combined to lose 11 of 12 -- but at least one of them should be at .500 by the time the music stops. The game between the two April 11 in Toronto now looms as the most likely to determine which of the East's playoff contenders lands in the lottery.
    Anyone else worried? I know I am.

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    It depends on how long Noah is out or back and ineffective because of PF injury.

    In my opinion if Noah is out for more than another 10 games or so the Bulls will not finish near .500 and not make the playoffs.

    ESPN I heard is rooting for CB4 to sign with the Bulls this summer and pair with their darling D. "Sweet Smelling" Rose. If that were to happen then for sure the Bulls will be a good team for the near future staring next season.

    However, I still maintain that CB4 will be playing for the Raptors next season.
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      Doc Naismith wrote: View Post
      Here's Hollinger's 2 cents worth.

      Anyone else worried? I know I am.

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      man, hollinger must have stolen that from my post a couple days ago...
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        Hollinger predicted the Raptors would finish below Detroit, Philadelphia and Washington at the beginning of the season and win 35 games. I said they'd be fighting for the 5th or 6th seed and finish with 45 wins. Personally, I'm going to go with me here, and I say that Hollinger is often full of crap and needs to watch a few games and get his head of of his stat book.

        The only team that the Raptors are in a battle with who are playing well are the Bucks. Charlotte, Chicago and Miami have cooled considerably from how they were playing earlier. I see the Raptors finishing with the 6th seed and with 44 wins. they're at 32 wins right now, and still have 12 games against teams that are below them in the standings, most of whom are not playoff teams. I think they'll end up winning 10 of those, and I think they can win at least a one of the games they have at home against Atlanta, Oklahoma City,Utah, Denver, or Boston, and then grab one on the road against a better team. That gives them 44 wins, and I don't see Charlotte, Chicago or Miami finishing with that record.
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          Its too early to determined what position the Raptors will finish. In the end there only going to be a few wins seperating the 5th spot with the 8th spot, so one bad game here and there from now on will make a difference in the end.

          and I don't believe Chicago will get to 500.