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How would things turn out if Gay stayed and DD was traded?

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    I think we would be in a significantly worse position. DeMar was the only reason Rudy wasn't taking 30 shots a game here.. he was his only leash.

    I also don't think Casey would be here next year if Rudy was still here.
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      pre-gay trade, I was adamant that either Gay or Derozan needed to be traded, but I didn't really believe it mattered which one, only which one was the better trade. I think I have to eat crow on that one.

      Since the Gay trade Raptors are probably top 5-6 in the league in win percentage, and have are firmly entrenched as the 3rd best team in the East. I don't think that happens if we had traded Derozan and Kept Gay. I think that had we kept Gay, we would have done poorly and Masai would have found a deal for Lowry. Gay would keep us entertained while we attempted to tank our way to a high draft pick... Which in the long might have been a better position...

      However, I think the OP scenario was one where you swap Gay for Derozan and keep the roster the same. In that scenario I don't think we are doing nearly as well as we are now. I'd argue we'd be in pretty much the same situation we've been in the last 3-4 years. A team constructed to make the playoffs but on the bubble. We'd probably still be above Detriot and in the playoff picture, I'd guess fighting Charlotte for the 6th spot... B A R F!!!
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