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Canadians IN Madness

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  • Puffer
    Southern Bracket and Canadians


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  • Puffer
    Thanks for this.

    Speaks volumes to the impact Carter, Nash and the Raptors have had on the game in Canada. Also gives me great hope for the national program.

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  • ezz_bee
    Awesome Post thank you.

    Asshole English correction, when referring to something that belongs (possessive) it is their. When referring to a place you use there.

    The Raptors out hustled their opponent on the defensive end of the court.

    The playoffs are a sore sport for Demar Derozan, since he has never been there.

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  • yukhan1980
    started a topic Canadians IN Madness

    Canadians IN Madness

    Was just going through the March Madness bracket and found somewhere around 17 Canadian players who are part of march madness this year and all are significant part of there rotation . Would be intresting to see there progress in the big dance the list of 17 players is below please add a name if i have missed someone

    1 Deshawn Pierrie (Dayton)
    2 T Ennis (cuse)
    3 D Powel (STanford)
    4 A Wiggins (Kansas)
    5 Naz Long (Iowa State)
    6 Ejim (Iowa State)
    7 D Ennis (Villanova)
    8 Pangos (Gonzaga)
    9 S Bhullar ( New Mexico State)
    10 Mullings ( New Mexico State)
    11 Dixon ( New Mexico State)
    12 Heslip (Baylor)
    13 Cherry (Baylor)
    14 N Wiggins (Whicita state)
    15 Luflike (Whicita state)
    16 Staskaus (Michigan)
    17 Bacyinski (Arizona State)