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    Craig wrote: View Post
    Nobody but fanatics on messageboards give a shit, trust me.

    Further to that, you look at the contractual obligations, to which you have NO IDEA of the terms and duration of contract, its not so easy as just syaing "hey, pizza pizza, our fans are taking it too far, and we no longer look "cool" to basketball purists and crazies, so were gonna have to stop and default on our contract".

    Doesnt work that way boys.

    Suck it up.
    Contracts can change quite easily, especially if you have MLSE resources and the desire to make it happen. If MLSE wants it to change, it will change.

    There is very likely to be pre-written conditions to terminate, or alter the contract promotion anyway.
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      I don't understand what the problem is, really. Are we worried that players will misunderstand the intent of the booing and fall into a deep depression as a result?

      Do you prefer that fans qualify their booing, by yelling "BOOO for the lack of free pizza but hurray for the win!"?
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        Guys, Pizza Pizza is the client, not the MLSE, don't kid yourselves here.

        If Pizza Pizza likes the deal, it remains.