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Game #69: Toronto Raptors VS Los Angeles Lakers - 14/03/19 - 8pm ET - SN1

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  • Easy win. Nurse used every single guy, as he shoul dagainst a team as bad as LA.
    nice rest day for Lowry.
    Kawhi .....not hurt.... win!


    • This was a schmoozzel of a game. I think this is what we will see over the next couple of weeks. A guy like Kawhi looks like he's going half speed whereas others like McCaw goes at 150%, so fast he can't make a lay-up?


      • A.I wrote: View Post

        They're up 11
        Just a comment after back-to-back-to-back-to-back turnovers


        • 007 wrote: View Post

          Why not? Lakers havenít threatened this whole quarter
          It's the NBA, they have Lebron, the refs and a viagra fueled pornstar...You can never take a team like that for granted.


          • Lowry, green, Kawhi, pascal, Gasol
            mccaw, green, Kawhi, pascal, Gasol (this is to stop penetration or Lowry needs rest)
            mccaw or Lowry, green, og , pascal , ibaka or Gasol ( Kawhi needs rest)
            lowry mccaw Kawhi og Gasol or ibaka ( pascal needs rest or green needs rest)
            if we need another body that goes to Fred (I donít care if we paid him or not mccaw is a better defender and we are not doing hockey rotations anymore.

            i do not want to fucking see anyone else come playoff time. Lin is super shit. Real talks #facts


            • FYI mccaw is a point guard not a 2


              • Fucking angles on defence. We need to know not give up the lane so soon. Yes we want to lead them to that side but force the bad side and bad angle. All it takes is one extra step or 2 and Gasol and ibaka will do the rest


                • What an awful game. Raptors had no interest at all. Lakers outside of Lebron just suck.

                  I guess a concern is that Siakam seems to rely on the whistle a bit.. guys will be playing him rough in the playoffs. He needs to try and get those bank shot/lay ups in when he gets hacked. Otherwise the ball will be going the other way. Refs won't be calling that. Siakam is good but no way is he getting superstar calls in the playoffs.

                  Gasol was better today. He hit a 3! Hope his shoulder is okay. I remember him feeling it after he fouled someone. I thought that was in the first half and he played in the 3rd.. but he sat in the 4th so who knows.

                  Lin can't run an offense. Kawhi was so disinterested unless he had the ball and was going ISO. Just lackadaisical all game (seems to be a norm lately). McCaw and Norm were okay but we can't rely on them in the playoffs. Boucher had a nice block on Lebron.

                  Lowry would have jazzed the team up more. His fireyness can be addictive. Hope his ankle heels up okay.

                  Nice to get a win though after that debacle in Cleveland. Not that we need the wins anymore.. but it's nice when you're watching a boring game that started later than usual.


                  • Who the fuck drafted Powell fire that person if u looking for a dumb athletic person make sure they are 6í10 +


                    • If Kawhi develops a off the ball game he is the best player in the world period!!!!


                      • grindhouse wrote: View Post
                        Who the fuck drafted Powell fire that person if u looking for a dumb athletic person make sure they are 6í10 +
                        Tell me this is supposed to be pink font. Powell just put up 20/8/2 on 50% shooting in 25 mins off the bench. Not sure what else you think a bench wing is gonna give you.

                        Reactions here are a bit over the top. The Raptors were just playing with 3 of their top 6 guys out of the lineup. They were in cruise control most of the night, gave bench guys and a G Leaguer plenty of burn, and beat a bad team by double digits. It was a glorified practice where some starters sat most or all of the 4th quarter and was exactly what the Cleveland game should have looked like.

                        I thought it was kind of fun watching the young + depth player lineups. I like McCaw. OG is really returning to form. Powell had a good game. Boucher played real minutes and not just garbage time. Malcom Miller's a very good depth piece. Etc.
                        "We're playing in a building." -- Kawhi Leonard


                        • 20 wins against the West now, a team record. Not a masterpeice but a satisfying W nonetheless. Norm had another new-Norm-not-old-Norm game, Pascal was a bit off but had some nice D and a big swat against who-is-this-guy Caruso and Leonard is still happy and telling reporters how good he feels at this time of year!

                          I was pretty surprised that Lowry wasn't on the bench at least in the 4th so he could hug it out with lebron. Love that Kawhi just says hey and keeps walking.


                          • Raps have now beaten the Lakers nine straight times and tossed the lebron monkey off their backs. Time to turn their attention to the Pistons and doing the same with ex-coach Casey....


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                                He gone
                                Out for Load Management