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The Chuck Hayes Connection since the TRADE

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  • The Chuck Hayes Connection since the TRADE

    So we all know that Chuck Hayes is the undisputed "Veteran" and floor Janitor of this Raps team in 2013 and 2014. Being in the NBA for at least 8 years with no "real talent" or "athleticism" like Val or Ross to begin with, he still is the biggest fan, player, and coach favorite (Van Gundy, Mutombo [I'll count him], Adleman, any opposing coaches) to see the floor. Only 6'6" and actually comfortable playing as Center, he somehow finds ways to stop opposing centers by using his strength, smarts, & great foot speed (ONLY WHEN COMPARED TO CENTERS).

    Tonight I find out there might be a factor that Hayes has contributed to the team as soon as he stepped into the ACC on that December 9th day when the Raps came back from LA, even before he touched the court. Chuck Hayes was a teammate of other Toronto Raptors before he donned the Canadian flag. Here's the list:

    1) Kyle Lowry, Houston 2009-2011 (Chuck Hayes witness the periodic rise and fall of Lowry during coach Adleman and Herman Munster--McHale, was never an enemy and always a friend in the locker room)

    2) Steve Novak, Houston, 2007-2008 (most notably the year of the WIN 22)

    3) Patrick Patterson, Houston & Sacramento (2010-2013, big brother figure in the post)

    Chemistry is a very important thing to have in a locker room, and Chuck's previous relationship with these players might have given this team an intangible boost no one can see and quantify. I think Chuck was one of the many inviting factors that really helped out Kyle Lowry after Rudy was traded (besides MU's meeting and staying healthy).

    It's like your favorite uncle dropping by the house and fixing your messed up furnace free of charge, your marriage with your spouse actually improves with him around, he gives one advice to your kid and he does better in school, and all the stress in the household decreases suddenly.

    This is a really blown out guess I made and I have no actual clear-cut evidence that Chuck Hayes was the major difference maker of this FINALLY playoff bound season. Do you think Chuck Hayes made a significant contribution to the club in his own way?

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    I don't think he's made a "significant" contribution, but he has been somewhat solid in some aspects. The only part I hate about his game, is when he has the ball in his hands, and he goes up for a shot/brick that almost breaks the backboard. He's pretty much like Reggie Evans, minus the "dirty" aspect(As viewed upon by other players in the Association, of course).


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      I don't think it stops there. To truly understand the Chuck Hayes connection, you'll need to go back to the end of the last season...

      The date was January 4, 2013 and Toronto had just come off a 96-105 loss to the Sacramento Kings. Chuck having seen the fire in past teammate Kyle Lowry coming off the bench for 24 points realized the game changing potential of a well built Toronto squad, one that with efficient scorers and good management could comfortably contend for a 3rd seeding in the east. As only chuck can do, he started the wheels in motion. Having previous connections with John Hollinger; a man known for his love of analytics and therefore the smart efficient play of Hayes initiated a conversation regarding sending a struggling Rudy Gay to Toronto, subsequently nailing the last nail in the Brian Collangelo coffin. At the same time, a struggling Stan Kroenke
      turned to Hayes for his renowned financial sense; with ol' Chucky suggesting he cut all the corners he can, one of which being the soon to be reigning GM of the year Masai Ujiri. Fast forward to December 8, were Chuck Hayes plays mastermind to the trade he initiated sending Rudy Gay to Sacramento and himself to the soon be developing Champion Raptors Squad.

      TL;DR- Thank you Chuck Hayes. May your infinite wisdom guide us forward for years to come!


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        I like what Hayes has given us on the floor. He has some obvious disadvantages, but I do not think of him as a liability or a net negative when he plays. His assets are post defence, rebounding and passing, and he does them as well as any other big man on this squad. He probably makes more than he should, but overall I like what he brings to the table. I could only speculate about his off-court impact and the influence he has over the other players on this team, but I think it would be naive to think he doesn't have a positive impact on his teammates.