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  • can't teach wingspan wrote: View Post
    I remain unconvinced. To me Masai stays regardless. The best way to build up NBA Africa is to continue bringing great talent from various African countries to the NBA, and the majority of those big names are on the Raptors. You have the savvy vet from the Congo and the soon to be MIP from Cameroon.

    Let's look at the ties we know about thus far (former Raptors must be during Masai era):
    - Ibaka (Congo) current Raptor
    - Biyombo (Congo) former Raptor, still in East
    - Siakam (Cameroon) current Raptor

    Plus, Embiid is also in the Atlantic Division and Giannis is in the East. To me, that clears rumours about Masai going west. In general, I doubt he moves to a franchise in the capital city of a country whose President refers to Africa as "shithole countries." Not great for optics.
    I'd also include OG Anunoby, born in London by Nigerian parents
    It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


    • If we win tonight, we should have Tim & Sids rendition of "I Believe in Masai" on blast. Hopefully they come up with a couple more verses


      • Jclaw wrote: View Post
        not that this is the time to worry (too much good going on) but I would be concerned about the amount of power and leverage he could get from Monumental Sports. He could do the impossible here (which he has) and still not be able to overshadow the ML in MLSE (from a power point of view)
        Well it depends on what kind of situation he would actually be offered there, but the dynamic in DC is very similar in regards to the status of the Capitals compared to the Wizards. The Capitals are the big team in the area. They sell more tickets and have a better fanbase. The Wizards can't even sell out playoff games. Strictly speaking, even in the "darker years", the Raptors fanbase has always been passionate and strong. Any year we have been good, even the crappy Bosh teams, people came out in spades to support their team. The Wizards have been a playoff team for years (at least until this season) and still no one gives a shit about them in DC.

        There is a long-established apathy toward the Wiz in DC, which could make it a lot harder to turn things around compared to Toronto, not just in terms of team success, but brand success. Despite the popularity of the Leafs, things like the shifting demographics, growing popularity of urban culture and an already passionate core fanbase (even through the bad years) provided a nice opportunity here in Toronto. There are enough young Canadians (including in the adult sense) with no emotional tie to the Leafs and desperate for a team to cheer for that they can be proud of, and not to mention being able to market to an entire nation.

        I just can't see there being many opportunities that compare. The best places to be other than here would be New York or LA, but the popular teams in those cities are both a mess right now.


        • KeonClark wrote: View Post

          I'd also include OG Anunoby, born in London by Nigerian parents
          Good catch, Keon, my bad


          • RepTdot wrote: View Post

            I definitely agree than BC deserves way more respect for this team than he's getting...he was a quick trigger man that made some brutal mistakes (the euro movement, Bargnani, TJ Ford & Hibbert for O'neal, Hedo, Fields contract) BUT he was the man that drafted JV, Ross & Derozan (and signed him to a steal of n extension), Signed & extended Amir, traded for Lowry & hired coach Casey. this core of this team is still him, what Masai did was all the stuff BC couldn't like finally let go & move on from Bargnani, get cap relief, draft picks & a solid bench around the core.
            not saying screw BC but he didn't make chess moves. he made knee jerk big splash moves and many didn't pan out.

            I give him credit with the lowry trade for sure.... and the JV draft was solid but I still wish he got tristan instead.

            I think Masai has done a much better job of drafting at the high end of the draft (20's). I also think the cap management that he has done to this point has not gotten the credit it deserves. Resigning lowry to 3 year deals that everyone yelled at was perfect. I thought so then and think doubly so now.....

            I don't see Masai leaving either... realistically Canada culturally provides him an opportunity to reach both an american and US audience and do work in Africa.

            The only thing I could see him leaving for is a commissioner job and Adam Silver just stepped in to that role and is doing just fine so i don't see that opening up.

            Toronto had NEVER won in basketball. Up to this point they still haven't been taken seriously by national US media. The warriors still think they can win it in 7 and many are choosing that. It's possible but improbable.

            We could have had Lamarcus instead of Andrea which would have been the better move...we also could have drafted iggy.....

            I think BC did an alright B job... Masai has just been better in every sense of the word. He makes big swings AT THE RIGHT TIME. He isn't afraid to just stand pat. I think BC always made crazy swings to make a swing.


            • KeonClark wrote: View Post

              I'd also include OG Anunoby, born in London by Nigerian parents
              this is what is being overlooked the most. He wants to put africa on the map and Canada provides a better platform...

              Americans realistically could care less about africa. The fact that you have corporations as a huge part of the ownership group means they care about the product but also the image. So they are more inclined to see the africa thing as an investment. You really think many other NBA owners will help Masai build courts in Africa? Probably not. It will also help us to continue to have an edge for years to come from a free agent standpoint because the African players will remember the big role masai has played. Not to mention he isn't underpaid. MLSE knows the value of this guy and wont let him go unless he seriously wants to go like Tim L. I doubt it though he hasn't indicated anything to the contrary.

              I also dont see him leaving the second we win... If anything it could be like a Jerry West thing where he leaves after he gets bored and wants a new challenge but this challenge has just started to unfold.


              • TrueTorontoFan wrote: View Post

                The only thing I could see him leaving for is a commissioner job and Adam Silver just stepped in to that role and is doing just fine so i don't see that opening up.

                There have been rumblings that many NFL owners would like Silver come manage their shop. Silver has indicated he has no interest but maybe he is holding out for a salary which would shame Goodell's take home pay and benefits!

                If he had to leave, the NBA could be a scenario I could see Masai stepping into. as commish.


                “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?”

                J.M. Keynes


                • A sheriff's deputy was reportedly pushed and struck in the face by a man believed to be a Toronto Raptors executive after Game 6 of the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena Thursday, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said.

                  The incident occurred moments after the Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors to give Canada its first-ever NBA championship. Sheriff's officials said the deputy denied the executive access to the court because he didn't have proper credentials.

                  Witnesses on scene tell NBC Bay Area the Raptors executive involved in the altercation is Masai Ujiri, the team's president of basketball operations and former general manager.

                  Sheriff's are calling the incident a misdemeanor battery on an officer and they, along with the Oakland Police Department, are investigating the matter.

                  The executive is not in custody, but officers plan to hand the case to the district attorney
                  , officials said.


                  • Under California Penal Code §243(b), battery against a peace officer or other public servant is punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $2,000. This includes battery against a peace officer engaged in the performance of his or her duties, including:
                    • Peace officer
                    • Harbor police
                    • Fish and game officer
                    • Custodial officer
                    • Law enforcement volunteer
                    • Firefighter
                    • Emergency medical technician
                    • Lifeguard
                    • Security officer
                    • Custody assistant
                    • Process server
                    • Traffic officer
                    • Code enforcement officer
                    • Animal control officer
                    • Search and rescue member
                    • Probation department employee
                    • Physician or nurse rendering emergency care outside a hospital or clinic

                    Some police officers work as private security or patrol officers when they are off duty. They may still be considered peace officers while in uniform and working in a private capacity as a part-time or casual private security guard or patrolman.

                    In order to be convicted of battery on a peace officer, the defendant has to know or reasonably should know that the victim is a peace officer or listed individual above.


                    • So there's no way he's guilty. I don't believe it.


                      • Wtf, tell me that is BS... Also how the hell does our president not have the required credentials?


                        • Looks like bullshit. So many witnesses, the truth will come out. Here's a Warriors blogger's take:


                          • Jangles wrote: View Post
                            Wtf, tell me that is BS... Also how the hell does our president not have the required credentials?
                            I'm calling BS. That so-called peace officer is either a sore loser, a racist or both.


                            • Man.. WTF. Masai should never have had to deal with crap like that.


                              • what the hell?