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  • S.R. wrote: View Post
    I originally assumed Masai may have been unintentionally pushy/looking past the cop in a situation like that, but he wasn't at all. He stopped. He held his credentials up. He was talking to the guy. But just like piles of other videos coming out during protests - the cop initiates the violence. They do it over and over again. These guys working double overtime for six figures are jacked up on adrenaline and have nowhere near the training for de-escalation or just basic conflict resolution. They're jacked up power trippers.

    There are European police departments that require 2+ years of post secondary and are far more focused on weeding the asshats out. The US absolutely needs to move in that direction, Canada's had issues too and should provide more and better training and have higher entrance requirements.

    As a tax payer I'd 100% be willing to pay for better trained, better qualified, and better screened police departments who are then better paid if need be to attract that kind of talent. We should also absolutely by spending money on this stuff instead of armored tactical vehicles. We have Canadian cities of 50,000 people with armored police vehicles. The whole mentality you foster with that crap (and blacked out cruisers) is that the cops are at war with the general public. Then you take guys who are prone to power tripping and get jacked up on adrenaline and you hand them military grade rifles, body armor, and vehicles and you have whole police departments taking entirely the wrong approach to their job. That equipment was literally developed for war zones and now it gets deployed on our city streets. Throw all those resources into training and screening instead.

    Then there's police unions. That's the root of a lot of the problems in the US.

    Thats just it we don't train enough... its one of the most dangerous jobs... and they basically higher people who are effectively not prepared typically low -iq, and lacking education.. and not trained in de-escalation training.

    Bad mix.

    And yes there was an actual lawsuit which the police department in the US won where they cited that it wasn't discrimination to select because they purposefully choose low IQ to ensure that they don't get bored on the job. I can post it later if you want.

    paper on it:

    nytimes article on it


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    • golden wrote: View Post

      Silver and Masai are apparently good buddies.... so it's no harm, no foul.
      Friends can most definitely racially gaslight friends.


      • Leo telling it how it is:
        OG is our king


        • bertarapsfan wrote: View Post
          Silvers speak kind of feels like legal talk to me. He may have had a different conversation behind the scenes with Masai, i would hope he did.
          Don't forget the guy was suing (or still is suing). The NBA too. I would hope that clips was just him making sure the NBA had their bases covered and he supported Masai while it was going on and once this is settled in court comes out and supports him publicly
          In the same Bryant Gumble video that Mixx posted, Masai is asked about the legal case point blank. He says “I’m not at liberty to discuss that.” .... Silver 100% could’ve said the exact same thing. Instead, his words were:

          “It’s part and parcel of what comes from someone who is living on the edge a bit. And is hardwired, ya know, to march forward with incredible energy. And I think, lessons learned for him, without assigning culpability or blame to anyone. As a leader, those are the conversations he needs to learn to avoid.”

          Now listen, I’ve always genuinely admired Adam Silver. He’s always clearly exhibited himself to be a much more empathetic person to my mind than a David Stern or a Gary Bettman, if those are any kind of benchmark. And I’ve heard Masai express his great respect for Silver on more than one occasion. I believe the two of them to likely have a very positive working relationship, and likely call themselves friends. I certainly don’t think a quote like this one from Silver should ‘cancel’ him. Not at all. It is, however, textbook racial gaslighting.

          Good people make mistakes. Good people make mistakes in regards to race. I’ve made mistakes in regards to race. I’ve tried to right those instances when I have, and tried to learn from them. I hope Silver is someone who is learning in this moment in time in which we collectively find ourselves and that he might be able to reflect on those words and see how flawed they are.

          Black people should not have to check themselves from “marching forward with incredible energy” — ever — especially when they’ve just won an NBA championship. And no one should ever be telling them they should do so. .... and “those are the conversations he needs to avoid” ... how exactly could he have avoided that conversation Adam? ... sadly these are exactly the type of “conversations” that black and indigenous people find themselves unable to “avoid” every day here in North America.

          And kudos to Leo for calling it what it is. He had absolutely zero problem walking out on the court without credentials.

          This. Was about. Race.


          • They've doubled down. Holy fucking shit
            The name's Bond, James Bond.


            • 007 wrote: View Post

              They've doubled down. Holy fucking shit
              don't believe what your eyes are seeing. I can't believe they doubled down.


              • Alameda County, 2019: this man assaulted an officer and is in deep shit now.
                Alameda County 2020: things happened and the police are not wrong. Don't believe your eyes.


                • 007 wrote: View Post

                  They've doubled down. Holy fucking shit
                  They're going to say that Masai tried to push past before clearly showing/displaying his credentials. He was halfway past the mall cop before he was pushed back. Watch the video closely when they first come together, not the close up body cam.


                  • G__Deane wrote: View Post

                    They're going to say that Masai tried to push past before clearly showing/displaying his credentials. He was halfway past the mall cop before he was pushed back. Watch the video closely when they first come together, not the close up body cam.
                    The new film shows quite clearly Masai never pushed back until the guy violently pushed him the second time. Second time Masai was not pushing forward, he made one step forward to speak to the guy in an incredibly loud arena. Second time is the important one that blows their case out of the water.


                    • It's GG. Legal system. Rotten to the core. Chump thinks he's Trump and can get away with it.
                      Official Pope of the Raptors sponsored by MLSE.


                      • The logic is so fucked from the P.D. So if this douchebag thought masai was just a imposter impersonating a president of a basketball organization he shoved him in the chest hard twice before he got a chance to check. Why cant masai think that he was some imposter impersonating an officer? I mean he never showed masai his credentials, massi could have thought he was getting attack by a random man. How was he supposed to know he was a cop? Masai was actually emotionally impacted by the action.
                        he worked his ass off as an African immigrant has a moment that he may only get once in his life at the height of his career choice and gets it ruined by this guy.
                        Masai would have a better case arguing the exact case the cop is trying to claim them him.
                        To be the champs you got to beat the champs



                          The guy has no credentials and he was allowed to the court.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                          Man, I used to think that USA is doomed, I think I was so optimistic, USA is so so so doomed.


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                            • Go get 'em Masai.


                              • It's clearly the Raptors fault.
                                Had they finished the Warriors at home, this shouldn't have had happened.