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GAME 1, 2019 Playoffs, Orlando Magic @ Toronto Raptors, 5pm EST, Sportsnet One

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  • GAME 1, 2019 Playoffs, Orlando Magic @ Toronto Raptors, 5pm EST, Sportsnet One

    It’s here. One of the most anticipated playoffs in Raptors history.

    We’re going in with one the most well rounded teams in the league, once again in the top 5 on both offence and defence, finishing with 58 wins, and the second best record in the league. After the all-star break the team made significant strides in the cohesiveness of the starting unit, and the shooting has improved remarkably.

    One under-the-radar aspect of this Raptor team has been its defensive potential. We’ve seen flashes of what is an incredibly suffocating defence, particularly in overtime/close games, which flat-out made opponents look intimidated at times, indicating a level of calm under pressure that has all the makings of something that will be with them in the playoffs. Orlando is the 8th worse offence in the league. It'’ll be a tall order for them.

    Orlando starters: Vucevic, Gordon, Isaac, Fournier and Augustin

    For the reading of the Toronto Raptors starters, the best lineup in 24 years of team history, proceed to play the Audio below, as you slowly read our starting lineup:

    From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, top 2 in assists in the entire league, Olympic Gold medalist, NBA all star in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, one of the leading post defenders and charge takers among guards, starting point guard leading the team to its 5th consecutive playoff appearance, Kyle Lowry.

    From North Babylon, New York, second highest 3pt% shooter in the league, top 5 aggregate +/- in the entire league, NBA champion, NCAA champion, NBA all defensive second team, leading shot blocker among guards, Daniel Richard Green Jr.

    From San Diego, California, Top 7 scorer in the league, NBA champion, NBA finals MVP, 3x NBA all-star, 2x All-NBA First team, 2x Defensive Player of the Year, 3x NBA all-defensive team, 1x NBA steals leader, averaging a career high in points and rebounds as a Toronto Raptor, Kawhi Anthony Leonard.

    From Douala, Cameroon, NBA D-League Champion, NBA D-League Finals MVP, 2019 Most Improved Player, 15% improvement in 3pt% from last year to this year, second highest scorer in the team, top 5 in the entire league in aggregate +/-, with career high in points, rebounds, steals and assists, Pascal Siakam.

    From Barcelona, Spain, former Spanish League MVP, 2x Olympic medalist, Euro player of the year (2014), 3x NBA All-star, former defensive player of the year, All NBA first team, currently 3rd highest Defensive PIPM in the entire league, and one of the best passing centres in the entire league, Marc Gasol Sáez.

    It begins...

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    Great job, inthepaint.

    I don't have anything against the Magic in particular but I hope we grind them to a fine paste for Serge to use on his next season of Ow Ungry Are You


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      I didn't think I could get more hyped for playoffs... then I did as you suggested and read the starting 5 with that epic music. great touch. King of the prairies inthepaint
      To be the champs you got to beat the champs


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        Finally we're here. About time
        OG is our king


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          This is the greatest game thread ever created ... LET'S GO!! inthepaintforthewin!!!


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            I want to get IN. THE. PAAAAAINT!

            You did us justice. Bravo. Now let's destroy every motherfucker from now till June.
            9 time first team all-RR, First Ballot Hall of Forum


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              I'm happy to be back here for the playoffs after being away for awhile. So good to see familiar names and faces still hanging in here.

              While I read this epic intro starting the game thread, one thing that kept crossing my mind was, how we would feel at the outset of this season, reading this now, and juxtaposing the expectations we may have had at the beginning of the regular season, from how this 58-win campaign ultimately went.

              Before start of the season: will Kawhi even play for us? Yes. Will he be the same old Kawhi? Yes. Funny to think that that was the big question on everyone's mind just six months ago.

              Other things we probably would not have expected:

              Danny Green 2nd in 3pt% in the entire league? Pascal Siakam our 2nd leading scorer and NBA Most Improved Player? Kawhi Leonard averaging career highs..... .... Marc Gasol is on our team??

              All things considered, this season despite all the injuries and rest has gone so much better than I think most of us would have expected, and man is it exciting to head into the playoffs this year.


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                Let's do this.


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                  Epic OP.... great job!

                  Now let's go kick some ass! Raps in 4


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                    You know nuthin Terrence Ross.


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                      Apparently Jonathan Isaac was in the concussion protocol and missed their last game against the Hornets. But he's all good now and should be available for Game 1.

                      OG missed like 2 weeks when he got hit in the head. Hope the Magic training staff know what they are doing.


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                        Who do you guys think is going to stand out this series? They have guys who are big and athletic enough to give Kawhi and Siakam a hard time, so I'm ruling them out. I think Lowry will have a great opportunity to shine, but playoffs do funny things to him so I'm gonna say Danny will be that x-factor for us.


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                          I keep reading Magic fans talking about Terrence and him being their key to an upset.......... Do they about about Playoff Ross?? Do they know he was a perennial playoff disappointment?

                          On the other hand, it would be just our luck for Terrence to play well in the playoffs for the first time ever AGAINST us.


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                            Nice OP. InThePaint playoff mode activated. lol.

                            And to the Magic. Congratulations on making the playoffs for the first time in a few decades. Thanks for coming out.

                            Here's your prize, in advance....

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                              Never thought of it this way: Kyle is the only starter left from last years playoff.
                              Kawhi as healthy and fresh as he's been all year, you gotta know there's another gear there we're gonna see, especially on D

                              Who's the X factor? Serge? Norm? Maybe the best of Marc shows up offensively?