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    RepTdot wrote: View Post
    Ideally and it won't happen..Hayes is inactive- Psycho T is more capable, aggressive and his game is built for the playoffs. He should be getting all of Hayes minutes behind JV, Amir & Patterson. Novak & Fields at least are specialists...that may serve a purpose in game situations.

    Rotation should be
    1. Lowry
    2. DeRozan
    3. Ross
    4. Amir
    5. JV
    6. Vasquez
    7. Patterson
    8. Psycho T
    9. Salmons

    10. De Colo
    11. Novak
    12. Fields
    Personally I would take Fields layups, dunks and six foot chip shots plus defense over Salmons 3 pt shooting and defense. By the end of the game Salmons shot is shit. If he doesn't have three days rest his shot is shit. Fields is the best guy the Raps can put on LeBron.