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  • Fantasy Raptors Playoff Roster

    If given a chance to bring back some ex-Raptors who are currently playing in the league now, who would you want to see in the upcoming playoff of 2014. I know i'm bored

    Lowry/Jose Calderon/DJ Augustin
    DeRozan/G.Vazquez/Jerryd Bayless
    T.Ross/Shawn Marion/V.Carter
    Jonas Valanciunas/Tyler Hansborough/Jermaine O'Neal

    0) Jose Calderon by all means was one of the best PG ever played for the Raptors, he will be missed and he would provide the team with more assists when playoff comes along but his defense is in question

    1) DJ Augustin was waived by the Raptors and now he's playing exceptionally well for the Bulls, one of the main reasons why the Bulls are gunning for the 3rd seed this year. With Derrick Rose out, DJ Augustin has stepped up and become a starter PG for this team, we will never be able to play with the Bulls so won't see DJ Augustin punishing us when playoff roams along

    2) Jerry Bayless is playing for the Celtics now but it's hard to say if we should keep him or John Salmons since both are key veterans and plays with high intensity when playoff comes around. Bayless is capable of scoring night in night out over Vazquez

    3) Shawn Marion/V.Carter over Rudy Gay is legal, having Rudy Gay returns to his Grizzlies form was what the Raptors needed, umm, last year but who knows what happens if Rudy Gay was never traded, we might be in the lottery. Shawn Marion brings that tough nosed defense mentality and will give Ross some extra pounding and lesson when playoff comes around as for V.Carter, he brings the presence and if we are playing with the Nets, it would be crucial to have Carter comes in for T-Ross, oh one can dream.

    4) Chris Bosh no doubt, after winning two championships with the Heat, it would suffice to say that Bosh is still one of the better PF in this league and he's what the Raptors needed at the PF position, don't think Amir's leg would hold up for long when playoff comes along, JINKS.

    5) Last but not least Jermaine O'Neal over Andrea Bargnani, yes when playoff comes around, JO brings that veteran presence and is what the Raptors needed when Valanciunas goes into foul trouble. I already vision that both Val and Hansborough will be in for some real treat (foul trouble) when playoff comes around (bad refs), look for Hayes to step up.